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Café Tacuba @ Hammerstein on 11/20

Here’s my official review of the Café Tacuba show, if y’all were curious.

First of all: I actually got in touch with Félix, whose name, apparently, totally has an accent. He has been kind enough to share his album with me. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

Second: I wrote a live review for the Café Tacuba show at Hammerstein a few days ago for school but it’s nowhere to be found. I guess it’ll pop eventually, and when it does I’ll link my “official” stand on the show here on this post.

Anyway, it was a really fun experience, especially since the crowd wasn’t as bad as the last time I saw them. Well, that’s not entirely true. The crowd was pretty crazy, but I happened to be standing in an area that was girl-heavy, so they weren’t as bad where I was standing.

I don’t know if it’s like that at every show (cos I didn’t get a good look last time) but Meme has some really goofy dance moves. I love him. What’s with Quique and Joselo having the same haircut? They look so similar now. The set was really good. I think it’s funny because Rubén sounded like he wanted to just go home after a while but everyone was like “MOAR!!!” I think the “encore” was like five or six songs long. They’d planned two, but people were still clamoring, so Rubén just asked for suggestions. People had huge smiles on their faces by the very end.

What a great band, seriously. I’m so glad I didn’t die before I got to see them live. My hearing, however, is fucked up. I had my earplugs on for most of the night, but after a while I just took them off. Of course I’m regretting it now! USE PROTECTION KIDS! YR HEARING IS PRECIOUS!!

Well, Austin tv were a revelation. Who knew there was a girl in the band? Here’s a weird fact about them: they pronounce “Austin” as you would in English, but they spell out the “tv” in Spanish. I also found out that the “tv” isn’t capitalized, that they’d already released a couple of albums before this, and that Meme totally produced their most recent album. That’s one of the cool things about Meme: he’s supportive of the young’uns. Well, all the members of Café Tacuba do that… they may say that they worry that the youth are too influenced by English-speaking musicians but at the end of the day the band ends up being very supportive.

After the show I got a copy of Austin tv’s album. The band members were selling their own merch which I thought was very nice. A lot of people asked them for pictures and stuff. The line to coat check was brutal, but I happened to stand next to this guy who writes for NYRemezcla, so I started talking to him and he actually seemed surprised that I knew about the site. Very nice guy, though now that I think about it I forgot to ask him his name.

Third: There’s gonna be an indie book fair, and Ian MacKaye (among others, of course!) will be speaking. For more info click here.

Hope you had good Thanksgivings! Mine was okay.


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