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Favorite Songs of 2007; Notable Shows.

I was looking for some inspiration for my “best of 2007” lists so when I stumbled onto Largehearted Boy’s collection of best of lists, I tried to look at every one of them. It was such a bad idea, I worked backwards from Z and only got to S. It’s not that I don’t think these lists are valid. I like that the collected list of lists mixes up reg’lar folks’ lists along with more notable people’s lists, like Nic Harcourt’s, but damn! Why they all gotta say the same 20 or so albums! TO COME: My fave albums of 2007.

Anyway, here are my favorite songs this year:

Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2007*

(1) “Gotta Work” by Amerie
(2) “Eres para mi” by Julieta Venegas featuring Anita Tijoux
(3) “Paperbag” by Mutya Buena
(4) “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ
(5) “Para no vivir desesperado” by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
(6) “Pal norte” by Calle 13 featuring Orishas
(7) “Umbrella” by Rihanna
(8) “It’s the Beat” by Simian Mobile Disco
(9) “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice
(10) “About You Now” by Sugababes

* I totally didn’t put M.I.A. on this list… I can’t decide whether I like “Boyz” or “Jimmy” better. Also, “Paperbag” is not a single but that song is SO GOOD!

ALSO: Some shows I enjoyed this year include Café Tacuba (the second time around with Austin tv opening), Patrick Wolf at Studio B, and Cool Calm Pete at Northsix’s at the Def Jux showcase during CMJ.


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