Wassup Rockers

For Your Consideration.

I was thinking back on this year and I started getting really mad when I realized Diablo Cody might end up winning a lot of awards. It’s not that I don’t applaud her efforts, I think she did a good job at Juno, but it wasn’t the best-written movie I watched this year. I think the best-written movie I watched in 2007 was Hot Fuzz. But everyone’s forgotten about the movie cos it came out so early in the year and it probably didn’t make much money because it’s like, British and shit. You’d think a movie that features older people so prominently, and in such as badass way, would strike a chord with older committee voters. I mean most people who vote for these awards tend to be older, right? Well, whatever. I just feel that not only was Hot Fuzz incredibly funny, the delivery of the lines was fantastic AND the execution of the movie as a whole was incredibly tight. I was so impressed. Unlike most movies that claim this, hilarity DOES ensue in Hot Fuzz. It’s a pity it won’t get no props.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to rag on Diablo Cody alone. If anything, it just says that I seriously see her as a strong contender during the awards season. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m getting into such a tizzy about all of this.


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