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10 of My Most Played Albums in 2007.

I promised one last music list, which I’m sure you could care less about, but I think it says a lot about my year. So here it is…

Albums I listened to more than my Top 10 albums of 2007

(1) Ghetto Brothers – Power Fuerza
(2) Soda Stereo – Signos
(3) Javiera Mena – Esquemas Juveniles
(4) Mutya Buena – Real Girl
(5) Babasónicos – Jessico
(6) Zoé – Memo Rex blah blah whatever the longass title is
(7) Shakira – Fijación oral v. 1
(8) Makiza – Vida salvaje
(9) Sugababes – Taller in More Ways
(10) Kylie Minogue – Ultimate Kylie

These were the albums I listened to over and over. Especially albums like Power Fuerza, which I listened to without skipping any of the songs. Sorry for the lack of links on the Ghetto Bros. and Makiza, they don’t have official websites.

My previous lists here and here.

Hope 2008 brings even more musical delights!


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