Wassup Rockers

Seekin’ My Soul.

My Soulseek is kinda dead at the moment, which annoys me, because I hardly ever use it, but when I do I go crazy on it.  This is one of those times when I’d go batty downloading stuff, but I’m unable to do it.  Bah!  Seriously, I need Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry”!

But here, a lovely song by Del Shannon, performed by Peter & Gordon:

I recently saw There Will Be Blood.  It blew my mind.  I’d love to see it again.

Last night the SAG awards were on, and there was a big hoopla because it’s one of the few award shows that drew a lot of stars this year as a result of the writers’ guild strike.  I really wanted to see what the red carpet action would be like, but seeing footage from last night, I remembered why I didn’t really miss the red carpet arrivals in the first place.  Inanity abounds.  Also, ladies!  Way to be boring and/or ugly with the dresses.

Or am I being to harsh?


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