Wassup Rockers

A Modest Proposal.

Dear Mr. Day-Lewis,

As a commenter in this AV Club feature points out, you seem to have a thing for period pieces, particularly ones that seem profoundly American.

“Is Daniel Day Lewis systematically retelling the entirety of U.S. history?” the commenter asks. “His work in The Crucible, Last of the Mohicans, Gangs Of New York, and The Age Of Innocence paints a fascinating, incomplete portrait of a land throughout history.”

Since you do what you do so well, and there’s still a lot of eras in American history to cover, I’m sure a lot of people want to know what your next project will be.

The funny thing is, after reading that AV Club feature, I stumbled upon a review for this book called Charlatan, which is about this famous quack doctor, John Brinkley. (The book, written by Pope Brock, comes out on Tuesday; the NYT called the work “heavenly.”) The first time I encountered Brinkley’s story, it was in the (excellent) Carter Family bio Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? I was totally fascinated by him and was so disappointed that there was only a chapter on Brinkley’s shenanigans.

So when I was on the Newsweek website and saw this review I got super-excited. The opening line to the review, though, got me even more excited. David Gates asks,”If Hollywood hasn’t already optioned Pope Brock‘s ‘Charlatan,’ an account of the rise and fall of the all-American quack ‘Dr.’ John R. Brinkley, what’s keeping it?”

I think I found you your new project. No need for monetary compensation, a simple “thank you” will do.

Stay fresh,
Elizabeth U.


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