Wassup Rockers

So We Are History.

Yesterday I bought a CD player.  I mean like a portable one.  Y’know, like in the late 20th century.  I’m so glad, except for the pesky earphones.  The earphones son una mierda, but boy, the CD player is swanky.

I went to see There Will Be Blood again.  I went with my dad, and he was blown away with it.  I was blown away with it, too.  I want to go see it in the theaters again. My dad and I laughed so hard at the movie.  The whole audience did.  And you should have heard the collective gasp in the final scene.  It was fantastic.

The Grammys were last night.  I can’t believe Amy Winehouse got the visa.  But I can believe she got lotsa awards… apparently.  I didn’t watch, the Grammys are irrelevant.

Okay, off to do homework.


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