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Giving Props Where Props Are Due (Or, Gotta Work)

Recently I’ve been listening to Amerie‘s Because I Love It a lot.  Unfortunately, I’ve only been listening to it on my fauxPod, and it puts the Because I Love it mixtape and the official album within the same folder.  So I keep listening to it with all the tracks mixed up.  The fortunate thing is that I really do love it.

The more I listen to Amerie’s stuff, the more frustrated I get with what’s happened to her.  I know that the world is busy with Rihanna being the biggest pop star at the moment, so it’s kind of hard to figure out what to do with Amerie, who also has incredible crossover potential from R&B into a greater pop music repertoire.  But c’mon, she’s a better singer and I feel like, being a bit older, she brings a maturity level that is such a welcome respite from all the attention-craving, drug-addled media queens out there.

Listening to both Because I Love Its I understand that they’re not perfect creations.  They’re pop confections, so there’s bound to be a few clunkers here and there.  It’s just that when things are good, they’re so good!  I do feel like she’s trying to challenge herself.  And at this point, I feel like Amerie is frustrated by her struggle to make it because she believes she can bring something fresh and unique, and honestly, if I saw other less talented people reach the recognition I felt I deserved, well shit, I’d be mad too.

So I wish Amerie was famous.  I wish her album had been released and given a chance on the radio.  I wish she hadn’t been dropped from her label.  Because I think she is trying to do something different, and I think she can do it well.  I hope her album is even more adventurous, well-written, confident, and better released.  I hope she doesn’t give up or become bitter.  I mean, I know I’m not the only one rooting for her.


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