Wassup Rockers

Pre-Oscar BS

Today are the Oscars, I’m already Oscar’d out. Do you think Jon Stewart will bomb? I thought Ellen DeGeneres last year was just okay. Everyone’s making predictions and I’m kinda sad because I want There Will Be Blood to Win, and it probably won’t. I’m really interested in the less key but still interesting races, like the Screenplay awards and the Foreign and Animated ones, too. Oh, and are you rooting for Once to get the song award? It’ll be great to see Frames dude and his lady friend take the stage!

One last thing: I detested the score for Atonement. One of my least favorite things about the movie. I was kind of offended by it, actually. “Ooh, look how clever I am! I incorporated typewriter sounds! Get it?!?! Cos Briony’s a WRITER!” Well gee golly! Thanks for being subtle. I get the feeling it’s gonna win though, that’s the thing about that stupid typewriter sound–at least it’s memorable. Also, Jonny Greenwood got disqualified out of the category. I’m not a Radiohead fan, but damn, that score was awesome.

If There Will Be Blood wins Best Picture I shall go out for a milkshake tomorrow!


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