Wassup Rockers

Post-Oscar BS

I know There Will Be Blood didn’t win Best Picture, but I still went out for a milkshake today. Chocolate. Very filling. My straw wasn’t very long.

I thought Jon Stewart was hit or miss, but I thought it was very gracious of him to bring back Marketa Irglova onto the stage after she was cut off without being able to say thanks. And how great was she? That speech was fantastic.

When I spoke to my boss about the awards show today, he complained about people’s speeches cut off. Seriously. It’s annoying, it’s rude, it’s one of the few chances they get to say “thank you” and the producers are so adamant about keeping the speeches short. And for what? To fill the program with montages! WTF. Even if it’s for a minor award, I’d much rather see a person who is genuinely grateful and excited to have their name called than to see another fucking montage.

Speaking of montages, in the one about bees, they totally missed My Girl.

But the worst travesty was that they forgot Brad Renfro on the montage. Or maybe they left him out on purpose? Either way, I was really sad about it.

Oh shit, and I was so surprised to see Jamia Simone Nash!! I was so fucking excited, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen that video of her singing “Who’s Lovin’ You” (it helps that it’s one of my favorite songs ever). She did great too. After debuting at the Apollo Amateur Night, the Oscar crowd ain’t that big a deal. :)


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