Wassup Rockers

Turn It Up.

What would I do without Turn That Shit Off? En serio: ¿qué haría sin Turn That Shit Off? Lo descubrí solo hace unas semanas atrás, gracias a un post de La Onda Tropical, y ahorita me pregunto como viví sin TTSO en mi vida. Especialmente because they posted up a cover by my favorite barely legal electropop freak, Nuuro. It is a cover of Blondie‘s “Heart of Glass.” And lemme tell you, it is exponentially cooler than that cover of “Heart of Glass” by Skye Sweetnam. No pregunten, fue contra mi voluntad and I’ll let y’all know, I wouldn’t want to wish this experience on my unborn children. Pero la versión de Nuuro es más fabulosa que las piernas de Amerie, y les aseguro que Amerie tiene unas piernas bellísimas.

I’d like to publicly state that recently I found out that Nuuro goes to my school, and I flipped out. I got so excited that I sent him this MySpace message going all like “ZOMG! WE GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL YO!!” I dunno what I was thinking sending that message. I really have no online tact. Can you imagine getting a message like that? I wouldn’t be surprised if he freaked out.

Okay, I think I’ve namechecked enough peeps in this post. Peace y’all.


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