Wassup Rockers

Tudou Lo Que Quiero.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m on spring break and all I’ve been doing is watch movies on SurfTheChannel, mostly because recently I heard a rumor that the massive Chinese video site Tudou was going to be shut down.  I think Tudou is awesome so I worried, haha. I took the (false) rumor seriously cos we all know China’s serious about their censorship (hell, even Google had to bow down, right??), so I decided to watch quality family fare such as Léon and A Clockwork Orange, which were quite horrorshow, natch.

Of course I’ve been keeping busy in other ways. After all, there was Pi Day and the Ides of March and now Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s been fun. I bought a copy of Joe Bataan’s Riot on vinyl. Hope y’all have been well.

…And that’s why I haven’t been on the internets very much, not that anyone cares.


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