Wassup Rockers

Pen American World Voices Festival 2008.

Are you looking forward to summer? I could care less about the icky weather, but I can’t wait for all the cool shit that goes down during the summer. Since it’s barely spring, a lot of events haven’t been confirmed yet, but one of them has–the Pen American World Voices Festival. As the name of the festival suggests, every year Pen American rounds up some of the best authors around the world, drops them in NYC and let’s them talk to common folk like us about the awesomeness that is literature. This year it will take place from April 29 to May 4. Am I fucking excited? Hell yeah.

A lot of literary heavyweights will be participating (Umberto Eco, anyone?) as well as younger folk like Uzodinma Iweala. And um, Michael Ian Black is gonna host an event for the Believer(!!). Check out the full list of participants here.

Here is the schedule of events and here is where you can buy tickets for those events that require them. They don’t have tickets for all the events yet. Luckily, however, most of the events are free!!


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