Wassup Rockers

Tape Delay.

Uh, so I signed up for this Muxtape thing which will probably be destroyed in like 10 seconds by some party trying to sue the website (I can just feel it in my bones!). So far it’s not too hot. I’ve only been able to upload 1 song and it’s been taking superlong for the site to upload a second, longer song. Here‘s a link to my single uploaded song, anyway. It’s a totally brilliant song.

Oh! And I cannot praise Jamie Lidell’s new album enough. My friend J (see link on sidebar: Modern Things) totally hooked me up and this shit is beautiful. I think I’ll buy it on vinyl.

Last Thursday night I went to see Almost an Evening, which is actually a set of 3 brief plays written by Ethan Coen. I wrote a review about it as soon as I got home, but my internets was acting up and going craaaayzeee so it got fucked up and I had to delete it. I don’t have the heart to re-write it because the first time I wrote the review it was so brilliant and on-point, and I can’t replicate it. However, I do want to say that I loved it and found it hilarious. Like I got to see it for free (thanks to some special school offer) but I am seriously considering paying so I can see it again.

Peace y’all, gotta go listen to the new R.E.M. and write a review about it for school. I hope the album doesn’t suck, though it’s very likely it might.


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