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ND/NF 2008: La Zona (Rodrigo Plá) @ Walter Reade Theater.

It was the last day of New Directors/New Films stuff. I fucking missed out on one movie I really wanted to see, Etgar Keret‘s Jellyfish, but today I made sure to see Rodrigo Plá’s La Zona. The movie’s about this closed off community–it’s literally walled off–and of how they deal when these robbers infiltrate the area. I liked it a lot because it was such a timely movie, touching on topics that really interest me such as technology, surveillance, police corruption, class differences, as well as urban/suburban issues. The narrative arc of the story was well-handled, I feel, with certain little details you forget and think are throwaways until they end up playing a big role in the story.

The movie featured that really hot woman that Gael García and Diego Luna fall for in Y tu mamá también, as well as someone who had the same last name as Javier Bardem and pretty much looked like him, so I’m guessing that it was his brother. Oh, I just googled him and I can confirm that he is indeed Javier’s brother. It was cool cos Carlos Bardem was supposed to be Mexican in the movie; I suck with discerning accents and stuff but I thought he did a pretty sweet job. Maribel Verdú kept her native accent, which I also think is cool. I thought she was underused in the movie, her character was this really honest, virtuous, moral (and superhot!!) wife married to a more amoral man, but instead of being a full character of her own, she seemed to exist as a reaction to the amoral man (played by Daniel Giménez Cacho). The boy who played the married couple’s son, Daniel Tovar, was really really good. I hope people pay attention, it would be cool to see him blow up and get even meatier roles.

The movie was showing at the Walter Reade at Lincoln Center, and I was scared it was gonna sell out so I woke up early this morning and took the train down to the movie theater and made sure to get a ticket. It was $10, which, I’m sad to announce, is a FUCKING BARGAIN. I’m not gonna complain, cos I was checking out the movie listings for the Tribeca Film Festival, and those are $15 per person. Yikes!

Anyway, since I got the ticket early, I bummed around for a while at the Barnes & Noble nearby. And guess what?? They totally had multiple copies of Alberto Fuguet’s Road Story! And I totally bought a copy! For like $18! I know it’s stupid, but it hadn’t even occurred to me it would be published en los EE.UU. Then again, I never even thought Fuguet and I would be in the same country at the same time, but apparently he’s teaching some classes at UCLA (so he blogs). I seethe with envy at those kids who get to take his classes… well, unless he’s an asshole of a teacher. Who knows? Either way, I think it’s exciting that he’s only 3000 miles away. I wish he’d stick around in the country until, I don’t know, fall–he should totally come to the NYFF then! Haha.

I would like to express my beef towards the Virgin for not stocking There Will Be Blood before the release date. What da dilly, yo! You release In Rainbows weeks in advance but not There Will Be Blood? Boo!! Oh well, at least I just have to wait until Tuesday.


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