Wassup Rockers

I Blame It On Avenue D.

Recently there was a post on Palms Out Sounds featuring this band called Gameboy/Gamegirl, and it included a video to a song of theirs titled “Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp”. I understand that some might find this group appealing–if I was at a club I’d totally go crazy over this shit–but I fail to see what’s so distinctive about them. Even worse, the video was… really low-budget. And by low-budget, I just mean shitty. It’s an awful video, don’t watch it. It’s all about the music anyway, right?? This one POS commenter was brave enough to point out it’s a terrible video, and he said (I totally sic this): “everyone in it is probably an asshole and all deserve nothing short of slow painful death just like everyone else in williamsburg.” Ouch! Of course another commenter pointed out that the group is from Melbourne, but in defense of the Debbie Downer Commenter, I want to say that I couldn’t tell either. I seriously thought it was just one of those awful electropop groups right outta Brooklyn who try to be all edgy but end up looking ~*MAD AWKWARD*~. It’s like, okay, you got a derivative music style AND a really tragic fashion sense? Even the sass they display can’t save us from an awful video.

Dissing aside, in some ways this song makes me happy because it feels like the recently-defunct Avenue D left a legacy! Hahaha. I was just kidding about the title of this post; I actually dig Avenue D in all their crass glory. Though I guess thematically this song is like one step away from Fannypack‘s “Cameltoe,” right? Or am I totally off? I can’t tell cos I’m really bad with understanding lyrics.

In other, really pathetic news, my friend organized a party at some bar so for the first time ever, I entered a bar. I even ordered a drink, though I was getting it for my friend and I had no idea what to say. On top of that, I totally didn’t tip because I didn’t know it was common courtesy to tip. I still feel bad about it, the bartender must have thought I was such a twat! Sigh. That’s what happens when you don’t drink alcohol. The party was bangin’ though, my token hip-hop friend decided to do a strictly 90s DJ set and he included gems like Biggie‘s “Juicy.”



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