Wassup Rockers

Nuuro, Björk, etc.

Holy shit y’all! I almost had a heart attack. I was looking at Nuuro’s MySpace and it said he’s playing a show on April 19, tomorrow. Except I thought that today was April 19. You can imagine how horrified I felt cos I already have plans. Anyway, he’s DJing tomorrow at some NYU “goes green” sort of music event. You should go, Mission of Burma will be there, too! Here are the details!

I think Nacotheque is throwing a release party for Nuuro’s new record and I think he’s doing a set, too.

On top of that, apparently it is “Record Store Day” tomorrow. Weird, I don’t know how I feel about that.  I didn’t even know about it until yesterday. I mean I hope they slash prices a little bit, though maybe that’s asking for too much because I know the stores don’t make much profit for each album sold. I don’t really care for the exclusive vinyl singles and in-store performances… However, I found out that they’re playing Björk’s “Wanderlust” video in some of the stores and they’re providing 3D glasses for it. It’s ridic cos BV has a list of record stores distributing the glasses and the only ones in NYC are one in LES and one in the Bronx. And I was like, “Oh for real?? There are record stores in the Bronx??” It’s just that when I think of indie record stores in the Bronx, I think of little deli/grocery stores that have set aside a corner with corrido CDs released by Fonovisa, LOL. Anyway, I guess I’m going to the one in Tremont, because I’m sure the one on the Bowery is gonna be mad hectic.


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