Wassup Rockers

My Record of Record Store Day.

Maintenant I am listening to a Henry Mancini record. It’s called Encore! More of the Concert Sound of Henry Mancini. I almost bought a Harry Belafonte record in place of this one, in which Belafonte covered “Midnight Special.” But it was one entire dollar more expensive than the Mancini, plus, this record includes all these orchestra versions of Beatles songs, which—dare I say it?—may be even more wonderful than Chet Atkins “pickin’ on the Beatles.” Especially “All My Loving,” which sounds pretty mournful under the hands of Mancini.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I should tell you how Record Store Day went. I didn’t end up going to the thing Nuuro was DJing, which is so ridic considering I almost “had a heart attack” about almost missing it (see: previous post). Basically I’m a douchebag who changes her mind too much. Besides, I had no idea where this park was, the one where they were holding this party.

Instead, I walked around. I visited Turntable Lab. They weren’t participating in the whole RSD hoopla. It was nice but I was looking for some ~*HOT JAMZ*~ and they weren’t there. Is it so much to want a Joe Bataan record other than Riot!, since I already own that one? I sashayed over to Other Music which was packed. Holy crap. I don’t know what I was thinking. There were just so many people there, it was hard to look for shit at a leisurely pace. One person brought their infant; the little kid was rolling around on the floor while the parent looked through the records—I was scared someone wouldn’t see the kid and step on her or something.

On the other hand, I was pleased to see that everything was 10% off. I bought Chicha Libre, that other Peruvian cumbia release from Barbes, and a used copy of 12 segundos de oscuridad by Jorge Drexler. They were giving out stuff, I think from Matador. Candy and music. The dudes from The Black Keys were choosing the tunes. It was weird, if this RSD event had happened two years ago I would have freaked out about seeing Auerbach & Carney in person, who were as short and as tall, respectively, as I’d imagined they’d be. But I’m still really shocked about Auerbach’s facial hair, it’s Evan Almighty-intense.

Below, the duo in less hairy days.

Downtown Music Gallery was even closer to Other Music than I realized, I was about to take the train back home but I went to the store and got a pair of those silly 3D glasses so I could watch the “Wanderlust” video proper. That’s where I got the Henry Mancini record. And there was a fucking Half Japanese record, too! I was floored about that one. The people who work there were really nice, there weren’t a lot of people (cos they were all at Other Music elbowing one another!) and they were like “Take some of these free promos!” which were like these two records made especially for RSD. They’re kinda wack cos they’re major-label stuff that I find totally LOL-worthy. I also got a 7” from Merge featuring songs by Destroyer and Wye Oak, but I haven’t listened to any of the free stuff, yet.


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