Wassup Rockers

Viddy Well.

This may be surprising, but the one song I never tire of is “Pop Goes The Weasel,” at least the version that plays on almost every ice cream truck in New York City. I heard the tinny melody emanating from the ice cream truck speakers on my way home, and it felt wonderful. It feels like Spring is finally finally here.

Here are some noteworthy videos I’ve seen recently.

“Está en tus manos,” Javiera Mena

Yo, I’m kinda mad at la Javi cos I MySpace messaged her (yes, creepy, I know) and asked her to try and come to NYC and she’s all like “I don’t got no money” and now she’s going all the way to Mexico! Couldn’t she just swing by for just a li’l bit?? Aw, I really want to see her play live! As you can see, the video is nice to look at but it ain’t all that. Especially when they have Javi being all mopey and shit. (I like the song a lot, though.) Sigh…I seriously think the most video-worthy song on her album after “Al siguiente nivel” is “Cuando hablamos,” but now I’m starting to feel like I’m the only person who LOOOOOVES that track. Seriously, it’s my favorite on her album.

Check out this tacky ass promo she did for Pepe Jeans. Hope she got some clothes out of that.

“Videli Noch,” Kino

No lie, the only reason I started to listen to this band is because (thank you Wikipedia) I learned that the singer and main songwriter, Victor Tsoi, is of Korean descent. So one of the best regarded bands from the former Soviet Union was led by a Korean-Russian. Awesome! Except he’s dead, he died in like 1990 in a car accident, so he’s pretty much revered like a legend.

The music itself is a bit new wave-y though it has a reggae-y feel to it, too–really great stuff. Honestly Kino reminds me a bit of Los Prisioneros. Y’all should check out Kino, they’re really wonderful even though I don’t understand shit Tsoi is singing.

“Who’s That Girl?,” Robyn

Maybe my favorite song on Robyn’s self-titled, after “Handle Me.” I’d wondered why the production sounded so familiar and then I realized that The Knife were involved in creating this crazy ass song. It’s so good, and the video is much more satisfying than the re-done versions of “Be Mine” or “Handle Me.” I like it better when Robyn holds back with the insanity but unleashes the sass, y’know what I’m sayin’?

“Esgrima,” Gepe

Es un poquito “Come Into My World,” ¿verdad? More proof that Michel Gondry is the most influential director of our generation, etc. Heh, well, it’s not to dis the director of this vid, Javo Valdivieso. I feel like he did a good job with the effects. There’s a brief interview about the project on Super 45 (click here) with Pablo Rosenzvaig, who took part in the conception of the vid.

This last video I’m posting isn’t a music vid. It’s just a few scenes from Ghost World… dubbed in Spanish. Like Spanish-Spanish, not some indeterminate Latin American Spanish. Weird and hilarious shit.


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    gracias por el post.
    pablo rosenzvaig

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