Wassup Rockers

Sass With the Brass.

You know what else feels like Spring? Seeing Hypnotic Brass Ensemble play in Washington Square Park, even if 2/3 of the park is fenced off because of construction. I was coming out of the library, where I have class, heard the horns blaring, and I ran across the street to listen to them. There was a large crowd watching them, though I just sat at a nearby bench and did my homework. The cool thing about Hypnotic–they put on a flashy performance on top of being great musicians. After a good hour or so, I saw these two policemen walking into the park, and I thought, “Oh, I bet they’re hear to listen to the band too, LOL,” and I thought maybe they were gonna walk in and out the crowd to make sure there were no terrorists or dealers or whatever.

No–they fucking stopped the band and I think they even fined the group. (I was too far away to actually hear what the officers said to the band.) Of course this was a publicity coup for the band, who got a huge round of applause when the police officers started writing the brothers up.

Totally unrelated: NYU is having a Battle of the Bands and I wrote up a couple of blurbs about some of the musicians. The only thing I really regret is that my editor totally cut off a reference I made about this kid, Red Doyle. I said his music reminded me a bit of Television Personalities, except obviously he’s a looot less British that they are. Click here if you want to read the blurbs and listen to the bands, and you should vote, too!


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