Wassup Rockers

Chicas Almodóvar.

Well my internets at home is dead. I didn’t think this would be a major problem, except now that it’s almost finals time it’s killing me. It’s really inconvenient having to research stuff for the school paper, too. Even worse, I went to a party last Thursday evening and missed Lost. I’ve been going to the school computer labs but it’s been super busy and I felt terrible about wanting to watch Lost at school. How am I going to keep up with the show?!

I also missed out on this way classy post in Idolator about Movida music. I’m seriously surprised that there were no videos of Alaska y Dinarama, so here are a couple of them.

“¿A quién le importa?”

“Ni tú ni nadie”

(Psst, I’m posting this at work and I have no audio, so please tell me if the videos are messed up or something.)

Nice to see some Nacha Pop, though, cos honestly the only exposure I’d had to the band is hearing “Lucha de gigantes” on Amores Perros, AKA my favorite Spanish-language movie ever and probably the reason I would consider naming my unborn son Alejandro. OK, TMI.

Y este video lo dedico a Kate de Idolator, porque le gusta tanto a Almodóvar:

As I mentioned above, I can’t tell whether the vid is ~*QUALITY*~ material, so I’m sorry if it’s not! Still, it’s worth the LOLs. And the rest of y’all should check out Kate’s posts about Spanish music.


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