Wassup Rockers

A Briefing.

I’ve been meaning to write. It’s just that my dad’s identity was stolen and we’ve been trying to lessen the damage around here. So here’s some things that I’ve done in the past few weeks to try and forget the fact that our family’s totally fucked:

On April 26 I went to Symphony Space and saw ¾ of their Dance Sampler, which was a 4-hour marathon of new dance works choreographed by women. As you’d imagine it was a grab bag of the great, the not-so-great, and the fucking weird. It was also difficult to try and watch 16 pieces in a four hour span. If I hadn’t been already tired I would have been able to focus a bit better.

On April 29 I went to Carnegie Hall (my first time!) for a benefit concert. The benefit was for a children’s hospital in Israel so many of the musicians who participated were Israeli. The headliner was supposed to be a musical version of this picture book, The Runaway Bunny, featuring a reading by Brooke Shields. Apparently Brooke Shields is ill or something? Glenn Close subbed in instead, and she was really wonderful. The venue itself is awe-inspiringly beautiful. I want to go back.

On May 1, it was the last day for a number of my classes. Somehow I ended up at a bar with a dozen of my classmates. We went right after class so we had our backpacks and shit, you can imagine how ridiculous we looked, and actually, we got kicked out because one of our classmates didn’t have his ID. Hilarious.

On May 2 I went to a screening of Goran Dukic’s Wristcutters at Instituto Cervantes, which was presented by the PEN World Voices Festival. I was really nervous because Etgar Keret sat directly behind me—this was one of those times when I wished I didn’t know what my favorite authors look like. I was so self-conscious because I’m a very very fidgety moviegoer, the kind who always wants to yell at the screen in response and rest her legs on the seat in front, etc. On top of that I kept reacting at every little change I’ve noted between the movie and the story. Knowing that he was sitting behind me the entire time just put me on edge.

I’m surprised that the movie didn’t get as much buzz as it should have; I thought it was quite good. I do think it has its flaws but I really liked the movie. There are some major changes, but the spirit of the story is pretty intact. There were some parts of it that were truly worth laughing out loud for. Actually, I don’t think I really listened to Will Arnett in the movie at all, because the entire time he was on screen I was just thinking “GOB BLUTH=GOD” and couldn’t fucking stop giggling about it. I think one chink in the armor, to me, was the least subtle soundtrack I’ve heard in a while. Yes, “Gloomy Sunday” was a wonderful touch, but pretty much all the songs were depressing and death-happy and about broken love. Good makeup job on the actors, though.


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