Wassup Rockers

Fade In.

Yesterday I was at the magazine rack in the Union Square B&N and Fader had Aaliyah on both covers, since Fader tends to feature different musicians on the front and back covers. Not this time, though, it was all her. I was like, “Um, why?” Not dissin’, it’s just shocking to see her face on a magazine is all. After all, it’s not like she has a new album droppin’ or naught.

One of the other headlines that intrigued me was all, “Blah blah something about El Guincho.” I only found out about El Guincho a couple of weeks ago (thank you, La Onda) and his album is the main reason it upsets me I don’t have internet right now. I really want to download it or something because it appears to be available only on import prices which I can’t afford. You should go check him out on July 25, he’s playing the South Street Seaport.

I totally ended up buying a copy of the magazine (along with the 15th anniversary issue of XLR8R), and I’m really glad I did, because the feature was really nice. Basically the magazine interviewed a number of people to comment on Aaliyah. I wasn’t sure why they chose certain people—yes, Ezra Koenig, I mean you—but some of the comments were seriously great. Like what is up with Method Man? I am ignant about his music but he was hilarious. Also, I had no idea that Aaliyah was friends with Kidada Jones. Kidada lost Tupac AND Aaliyah? How much death can a young person take?!

And in my latest edition of Shameless Namechecking, here are the following people I saw yesterday on the street: Tony Kushner, James Murphy, and the female half of Nacotheque. I’m pretty sure I saw Kushner because he was with someone who was wearing a Steppenwolf hat—no, not the band, the theater company. Just half an hour ago, I also passed by this dude from 30 Rock. I also passed by this street that had all these stenciled people on it. I was like, “OMG IS BANKSY IN TOWN?” Apparently not. Figures, I couldn’t imagine why Banksy would be bumming around here instead of annoying his own fellow Brits.


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