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School’s Out… Forever!

Or more like, “School’s Out… until grad school!”

Yesterday was the NYU all-university commencement and I was pretty disappointed. It was as boring as I expected, but on top of that it was really really hot. Oh, the parents were all la-dee-da in the shade, but we graduates were right under the sun. A lot of kids took off their graduation gowns cos it was so hot. After all, that shit ain’t made out of breathable material.

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o didn’t even speak—nor did Michael J. Fox. Not that it mattered cos it was hard to hear anything from the speakers. Everything sounded muted to me. You couldn’t see nobody except on the screen that was so far it appeared as small as the screen on my fauxPod (with worse resolution).

I peaced out at around 12:30, which means I missed the kid who ran out onto the field. Leaving the stadium I felt ambiguous about my last visit to Yankee Stadium. It’s such a historic venue, but it did feel worn down and now I’m not as surprised that they’re building the new one.

I just went home and finally watched my There Will Be Blood DVD while I lunched.


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