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No Me Gustas Cuando Callas Porque Estás Como Ausente.

Oh, this is great news. Just recently, a Chilean judge decided to close the Víctor Jara murder investigation, which was fucking disappointing, but now they’re going to reopen the case. Víctor Jara was a singer-songwriter who also had strong ties to the Chilean theater community. He was killed just days after Pinochet staged his coup on September 11, 1973. Jara has become a symbolic figure when it comes to all those who were tortured, murdered, or disappeared during the Pinochet dictatorship, if only because he was already such a high-profile individual in 1973. I was really angry about that first judge closing Jara’s file, if only because it shows that the Chilean government is still unwilling to find those responsible for the deaths and disappearances of so many people and to hold these culprits accountable. I don’t know, it just makes me sad, there’s still a lot of healing to be done in Chile…


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