Wassup Rockers

Active Listening.

After all that moaning I did in my last post, I wanted to point to the best blog post I’ve read recently. I really liked it because it got to me right in the gut. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t hear lyrics very well, and I’ve definitely found myself questioning whether I should like a song or what, even if it’s definitely offensive. As a Brazilian funk fan, for example, I felt really iffy when I found out that this record label put out a comp of proibidão. The post really questions the role of the listener. What responsibilities do we have? It’s a reminder that we shouldn’t be passive listeners and that we should consider the context and subtext and every sort of text in the music we digest.

Anyway, the post AND the comments are a must-read. Jesus, it’s late and my brain is barely functioning. I’m re-reading what I wrote on this post and the grammar seems worse than usual, and let’s face it, my grammar is usually awkward as hell. Okay, peace y’all.


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