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Here are some things I’ve done or gone to in the past two weeks and haven’t written about:

On July 10 I went to a DJ Showcase at SOB’s (for LAMC) where I saw DJ Raff for the first time! I didn’t stay the entire night and I lost track of the many DJs, but I’m pretty sure I also saw Gregzinho spin cos he was the one who played a lot of Brazilian funk. It took me a while to loosen up, but once I did, I had a lot of fun.

On July 11, I went to my last day at work after only four hours of sleep, and then after work I ran over to the Park Avenue Armory to see Die Soldaten. (History on this opera here.) I wrote this whole spiel about my experience but fuck that. Basically, I dozed off several times in the second half of the production because I was tired, and I’m not an opera expert, but that was a disappointing experience. I spent a lot of money for my ticket and the storyline was another iteration of the fucking “fallen woman” storyline and I didn’t care to be emotionally attached to any of the characters. I didn’t “get” the music, mostly because it wasn’t exactly melodic shit, BUT I do commend the conductor and the musicians for the solid execution. The technical aspects of the opera, too, were absolutely brilliant, but who cares about that stuff when the story and the music don’t grab you, right?

On July 17, I went to see Junot Díaz for a Central Park SummerStage event. He took part in a reading, Q + A, and a roundtable discussion with Aleksandar Hemon and Saskia Sassen. Sassen is a scholar and not a fiction writer, so her approach to the works of Díaz and Hemon was interesting. Most of the crowd was there for Junot and I felt bad for Hemon, whose work deals a lot with his Bosnian identity and roots. Weird shit: both Junot and Sasha are bald and wear glasses. [Cue eerie music.] It was a beautiful night in the park and good to hear them. Didn’t know that Sasha existed so it would be cool to check out his stuff. The questions were mostly sucky but there were a number of interesting answers, so I was really happy with how the evening turned out, and I hope the Central Park folk add more readings and literary events next summer.

On July 19, I literally forgot about Siren and instead I ran over to the Belasco Theater on Broadway because I heard Passing Strange was closing the next day AND because I heard that the July 19 performances were going to be filmed by SPIKE MOFUCKIN LEE. And yes, I totally saw him walking around the theater! I also saw S. Epatha Merkerson (y’know, the tough NYPD lady on L&O) and Rosie Perez in the theater. That was way cool, but you know what was fucking cooler? Passing Strange. Holy shit, that show was beautiful. I refused to give Die Soldaten an ovation (I’m stingy with my ovations) but I gave one to Passing Strange. I’m gonna remember my experience forever. That show was so well-written and it’s such a pity that it had to close, especially considering that shows such as The Little Mermaid and Grease are still running. Tch. Broadway is pretty much a joke except for the rare times it gets shit right. Sometimes I couldn’t even understand the lyrics but the music seriously rocked–I have admittedly listened to the Spring Awakening soundtrack multiple times, but that shit does not even compare to how hard the music rocked at this show. The humor, especially the meta shit, was absolutely divine. Can you believe my luck, too? I got to the box office two hours prior to the show, paid $27 for my ticket and got an orchestra seat. Not to be overly dramatic but… okay, let’s be overly dramatic: I feel like Somebody’s watching over me, man.

On July 20, I braved the brutal heat and went to see Liars for the first time in like, five years. In these past five years, the band has grown beautifully and they’re one of the few New York bands that have not disappointed me. The set was solid, and I was feeling woozy. (I was actually dehydrated, I’m sure.) And who knew they had a fourth person live! I didn’t. Seriously, excellent set, though it was kinda weird seeing them in the daytime. A lot of their shit sounds way too spooky and is better suited for the nighttime.

Yesterday I went to see The Dark Knight. I don’t know why the dude sitting next to me sat next to me but we had fun together. I mean, I liked hearing his reaction to the movie and I think he was tickled by how I reacted to the movie; we weren’t completely quiet about how we felt… I was kinda disappointed with the trailers they showed, I thought they’d go for more awards season fare but they went for the action trailers instead. Saw a Watchmen trailer and… I was lukewarm about it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not familiar enough with the comic. But I felt kinda bummed to see the March release date, which to me is bad news. (HEY! REMEMBER WHEN 10,000 BC WAS RELEASED IN MARCH? LOL) I really really hope I’m wrong about that. Er, anyway, The Dark Knight was fucking awesome; in particular, I’m awed by the script. I actually felt confused during a couple of big action sequences and at times even zoned out, but I was totally at the edge of my seat during the Superevil-Nemesis-Explains-It-All bits. Not that I’m always into a lot of talk-y shit, but the way it was written and laid out was really compelling to me. I think I’ll go see the movie again. One complaint: the theater turned up the volume to eleven and it seriously hurt my ears. It’s one thing for my ears to be damaged from constant concert-going, but the c’mon, they should feel safer at the fucking movies!!

In the next few days, I’m gonna try to catch some movies at the New York International Latino Film Festival, which started yesterday and ends on Sunday July 27, and the Hola Mexico Film Festival, which begins today and will also end on the 27.


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