Wassup Rockers

Don’t Ask Me How Stellet Licht Ends.

I just went to see this movie called Stellet licht, which was being shown at the Hola Mexico Film Festival. Our screening fucked up. Instead of film, they were showing us a DVD and you betcha it decided to freeze on us. The DVD quality was fucking great and honestly I wouldn’t have noticed that it was a DVD if it hadn’t frozen (though now that I think about it, I should have realized there were no “cigarette burns” in sight). It froze once and they just skipped over to a part that was okay, which was an odd decision—I wondered if I’d missed anything important, I couldn’t tell how much we’d skipped. I tried to forget it, but then the movie froze again. It was awful. I’m so mad because all I wanted was a refund and all I got was a stupid pass to see another movie at the Quad Cinema. I love movies and that’s all fine and dandy, but $10 is a lot to me and I could have had a whole fucking meal with those $10. I wish they’d just refunded the money to me. I mean, I’m hungry right now, you know? I skipped on lunch. They told us we could come back and see the movie for free the next time there is a screening, on Sunday, but I don’t know if I can make it then. They also gave us a choice to stay and just see the rest of the movie from where it froze the first time, but I didn’t have the heart to go back in again. I’ve been having a bad day. I really want to go home right now, but my internet died on me again, which is why I’m at the school computer lab, and also because I’d been meaning to go see El Guincho, which is tonight at the South Street Seaport. But frankly I’m bummed beyond belief. Such a downer, cos I had a really good day yesterday.

The director of Hola Mexico or whoever was running the show today was bugging out about the whole situation. All those cranky older people at our matinee… I’m not saying he handled the fiasco very well, but seeing all those people yelling at him, I certainly didn’t envy him.


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