Wassup Rockers

Strike a Pose.

Oh word?  I was chillin’ at Racialicious and the video above was posted on there.  I just don’t expect this sort of stuff posted on Racialicious.  Usually I go to the site when I wanna feel enraged about all the injustices of the world.  (LOL, just playin’. )

The video’s so-so, which is lamentable porque ni es la primera versión del video.  If you’re gonna redo a video, it’s gotta be sooooo much more fly than it used to be.  (Oof, if only Robyn would read that previous sentence and take it to heart.)  Yo digo demasiado Daddy Yankee, not enough Jabbawockeez!  Haha.  I’m really glad that, at least, the group is getting a lot of work.

Al menos la canción está buena.  That’s the reason I’m reposting the video, even though I’m sure everyone has heard the track already.  I first heard it on this post on W&W.  It’s a really interesting post, worth checking out.

But back to the Racialicious post.  What a tease!  The post said they’d be doing another post in the future about hip-hop and reggaetón.  Can’t wait to hear what they have to say, mostly because the critiques I tend to hear or read about reggaetón are usually by music writers.  It should be cool to hear the Racialicious crew–which is mostly female!–speak up on this genre of music.  Even if their post sucks, I hope there will be a lot of juicy comments that will make me think.

Damn, I can’t believe this song was released last year, I wish I could put it in my 2008 singles list.


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