Wassup Rockers


My favorite branch of the NYPL, Donnell, ceased its regular services a while back but today was its very last day. I went yesterday for one last visit and I have to say that I almost cried on the way there. I think I wouldn’t feel so bad if it would close temporarily for renovations, but they’re getting rid of the entire building and building a hotel there. When Donnell reopens, it will be located on the lower level of the hotel. So I will never experience the Donnell library in the same way again. Who knows how long it will take to rebuild.

I do think that the pain I feel is based on nostalgia. The first time I went to Donnell was on a class trip and got a card there. (I think I cried when I lost the card I got from there, which happened over five years later.) I liked going to the “Teen Central” and checking out all the cool CDs and comic books while listening to music. One specific time I remember they were playing Fever to Tell in the background.

As far as selection, the Donnell was pretty right on for me. That’s why I didn’t mind trekking down to midtown and maneuvering my way around tourists and busy office people. It had a great media center where I borrowed out a whole set of Carter Family CDs which is still uploaded on my computer. That’s right–when seeking my soul failed, I tended to just go to the library and uploaded a lot of the CDs I got there. I’m not ashamed to admit this, and in fact I’m so grateful that the library had such a great collection for me to discover. I remember one time I just came across a Smog album… and the only reason I’ve heard Neubauten is because I took out Halber Mensch out of Donnell.

It had a really incredible selection of foreign language literature that really saved me when I had to get books for my Spanish classes. If I wanted something, it was there, you know?

I didn’t go to prom. I went to the Donnell early that evening.

Hmm. Nostalgia is such a dangerous thing. To be frank (and cheesy I guess) I feel like another part of my childhood has really ended. Fuck, now I gotta make another branch my official library.


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