Wassup Rockers

M.I.A. to Pop Out Mini-Maya, Release Date TBD; Diplo Trynna Take All Credit for Pregnancy; Deal Signed with UPS for Delivery of Baby, Leaving Stork Unemployed in Already Shitty Economy.

So there are pictures out there of M.I.A. rockin’ it while pregnant, which explains why she was cancelling shows left and right during the summer. I thought she was pulling a Cher by continually saying “This is my last show EVA!!!” but I guess not. Heh. Honestly, I didn’t even know she was seeing anyone, mostly because I could really give a shit about her private life. I hear his name is Benjamin Brewer and he plays in band. Also, his father is kinda a big deal record exec. Anyway, she looks cute in those pics! Congratulations!


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