Wassup Rockers

WFMU Record Fair 2008.

HOLY SHIT!!!  I OWN THE CHANDRA ALBUM.  To clarify, I did not buy the original Transportation EP.  I bought a rerelease from this new label called Cantor and it actually has 4 extra songs (!!) and comes with this extra booklet with an essay on Chandra Oppenheim and lots of pictures including one that confirms Kate was a real girl!  And I’m like, “Why would Chandra write such a mean song and then fraternize”–sororize?–“with this girl.”  But I’ve watched Mean Girls, so I know all about this frenemy thingamajig…  Anyway, the LP cost me a lot (a lot = $15), but the record was just calling my name.  You know how it is.  First I walked away and figured I’d look at all my options before buying any records, but I only lasted like, 10 minutes before I swung back again and just bought the record.

I talked to the dude who runs the label, Aaron.  I didn’t think to ask him whether he already has distro for this release, which is the first on his label, or if he was ~*DEBUTING*~ the LP at the fair.  He did look like a proud papa holding the record in his hands.  I asked him about Chandra and he told me he’d mostly been in contact with her through email and phone; he’d only met her for the first time very recently, and he also told me that she was still making music.  AWESOME!

I also bought Ray Charles’s Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Vol. 2, and Roy Orbison’s In Dreams.  I mean I was really conflicted whether I wanted to get Del Shannon’s Runaway or the Roy Orbison, but I finally went with the latter because I wanted to hear his take on “All I Have to Do is Dream.”  Those three album are it, I didn’t have enough money for anymore purchases, which is sad when you consider that these two other albums cost me a total of $11.  I saw this Nikki Giovanni record that looked really cool but I passed on it.

I’m surprised by how much it pains me, but I passed on this Tim Maia record, too.  The dude who owned it was like, “Very good prices!”  But I’d already bought my three records by this point and zapped my dinero so all I could do was grimace in return.  I’ve never even listened to Reencontro, the record in question, but it’s not like you see a mothertouchin’ Tim Maia LP everyday.  Veloso and Jobim and Getz, there was plenty of that shit, but Tim Maia?  Pfft.  I also saw that first Last Poets album and it was $40 but I didn’t have $40 to spare.  That one pains me a bit too, but not as much as the Tim Maia.  Ugh…

When my Token Twee Friend and I got to the fair, DMBQ started a seriously raucous set.  It was pretty right on, at least if you like noise music.

The rest of the fair was really wonderful.  I’d waited for it all year and finally being able to go was just such a great experience.  And getting to buy the Chandra record, I feel like I can die a bit happier now.  Everyone was so friendly.  Some dudes from Wax Poetics were there and they were funny.  Made me like that magazine even more.  The last DJ spinning music at the fair was awesome, he played lots of oldies.  Also, they had some kid come on stage and “sing” “Beat on the Brat” and then he encore’d with “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.”  I couldn’t see what the kid looked like but hearing him made me LOL.  It was a great way to end CMJ week.

I have all these things lined up to write about, cool things I’ve done and read and seen and experience, but it always takes me like a year to write one miserable post, it’s ridic.  Maybe I’ll catch up eventually, but not tonight.


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