Wassup Rockers

It Is No Mystery, We’re Making History.

There’ve been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, long time coming
But I know a change has come

I think the best part of today was waking up and thinking, “Holy shit, we actually DID elect Obama!”  So for my commute to work I put on some choice jams, the very first of which was “A Change is Gonna Come,” since Obama alluded to it in his speech last night and I cried when he did.

See, at work we put on this Sam Cooke best-of on the stereo sometimes, and the last time we listened to it was this past Saturday, on All Saints.  This song already means so much to me but on Saturday the election was on my mind and I really wondered, “Will it really come?”  I got shivers just thinking about it.

So on the train this morning I blasted that shit on my fauxPod, as well as “How We Gonna Make a Black Nation Rise,” “When the Revolution Comes,” “Making History,” and um, “Gotta Work.”  Not that they were particularly political but they’re songs I love and I was totally pumped about being alive and young and an American.

The funny thing is that some dude got on my train and started singing “A Change is Gonna Come.”  And the dude was really doing it to ask for spare change, y’know, “I said brother/help me, please.”  But I just started tearing up even though the mofo couldn’t sing for shit.  It’s just such a special song, isn’t it?

Last night, my dad and I were watching the TV like most of the nation, and we were bien calladitos about the whole thing.  It’s just that we’re not really loud and celebratory about anything.  But we watched the announcement from the media anchors declaring Obama’s win, and my Dad and I exchanged a look, like, “Did we do that?”  My dad said, “Amazing.”  I mean he said it in English, not in Korean or Spanish.  I nodded, stunned, and waited until he went to sleep.  Then I watched the speech and cried because everyone else was crying.  I mean, you see a grown man like Jesse Jackson cry, and you can’t not cry because you see that this man can’t fucking believe that he would ever see this day.  So I cried too, because as much as this election may mean the world to me, I have no fucking idea how good it feels for people like Jackson who remember their struggle for civil rights.

Speaking of struggling for civil rights, I am actually surprised that California voted for the gay marriage ban.

But let’s end on a high note. Here‘s an awesome post from Racialicious, and why not visit the ever-so-brilliant Yes We Can (Hold Babies), which I like to think had a serious effect on Obama’s win, LOL.  No, but seriously, I got kinda teary-eyed reading some of the comments on the Racialicious post.  I feel like this will be one of the most defining days of my life.  ¡¡Lo hicimos, cabrones!!


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