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Will the Next Zoé Album Suck?

So. Will the new Zoé album suck? I know it’s not like, the question of the century, but I’m really anxious to hear what they come up with. The answer is probably out there on the internets, but I’m too scared to go seek it out. Thank god that there’s only a couple of days left, not even. For now, all I can say is, I hope the new Zoé doesn’t suck. It’s just that they set a whole new standard with Memo Rex, and what’s frightening is how well the album sold, too. So the pressure is there. At least I’m happy to say the first single is pretty sweet. “Reptilectric” has been out for a while now and if you check out the website, you can watch the trippy video that goes along with it. At least I found it more impressive that TVOTR’s first single.

Hope they come on tour soon! Would love to see Zoé live again.

I’ve still got other interesting album releases to check out: Aterciopelados, which I had no idea about, and mofuckin’ Calle 13. Gotta get cracking on that.

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