Wassup Rockers


I forgot to mention that recently I went to see Danny Hoch‘s new play, Taking Over. Danny basically tackles the issue of gentrification in New York by portraying a series of diverse characters. I think the show is worth seeing, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. Before I went to see the play, I read all these articles about it, all of which followed the angle of “Danny Hoch makes upper-class New Yorkers uncomfortable for ruining NYC.” So I got like, really really excited about it, right? Cos I thought he was just gonna tear the audience a new one, you know? I thought he was gonna be really… mean. One of his characters shout out to the audience, at one point, “GET THE FUCK OUT!” which is something that I’ve literally said to at least one person I know.

Needless to say, he wasn’t as vicious as I expected. He was really good at humanizing all the characters, so that even the annoying gentrifiers had some good points about the development of the neighborhood. I thought that, in terms of meanness, this was gonna be like a walkin’, talkin’ version of “We Use Words like Mackadocious,” which is one of the most unforgiving essays I’ve ever read in my life. Though I should clarify that “Mackadocious” is not about gentrification, it’s about… wiggers. And it’s hilarious. You can learn a bit more about it here, if you’re not familiar with it already. Just track down Bomb the Suburbs, I love it that book to pieces.

But back to Taking Over. Even though it didn’t satisfy my schadenfreude craving (I can’t believe I know how to spell that word correctly) by having Danny yell at the rest of the audience in a variety of accents, I did enjoy the play a lot. Oddly enough, my favorite character was the former NYU student selling her DIY wares on the street. The manner of speech was so exaggerated, like every statement was drawn out and said in the sweetest way. It was overdone and yet, it felt just right. It was spooky because I could actually think of at least one girl of whom I was reminded as I watched this segment of the play. And although the girl Danny portrays is supposed to be one of the ~*EVIL GENTRIFIERS*~, she was so sincere you couldn’t hate on her for her ignorance. At least, you couldn’t hate on her too much.

The show ends on December 14, so if you have even an inkling to see the play, you totally should! If anything, it will send your mind reeling on the issue of urban development and class differences.

Also, who the fuck knew that Danny could speak Spanish like a fucking native! Well, I dunno if a real Dominican would be like, “Yeah, he sounds bona fide,” but to me it sounded spotless. God damn!

EDIT: Just got an email telling me the play has been extended to December 21.


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