Wassup Rockers

Come On + Get Up.

You know, you hear about how during its brief existence, Rites of Spring would makes dudes weep because they was so fucking intense on stage and shit, and it would kinda make me giggle because nowadays it’s difficult as hell not to feel jaded and to encounter a musical group that can really make you react in such an extreme and honest way, but mostly it makes me feel jealous that people got to experience such a treasure before it fell into the deepest darkest ocean water lost to humankind forever.

So imagine the shock of finding that there are live videos of Rites of Spring on YouTube. And like, how am I supposed to feel? I’m a staunch believer that death should be respected. “Rest in peace” actually means something to me. Part of me thought it was cool that only a few people got to experience the band live, and that once the band imploded, it was over with.  After that, it was all about letting the memories be tainted by time. But the curiosity got the best of me, of course, so I watched a couple of videos anyway, instead of just ignoring it and letting my idea of Rites of Spring remain. I was kinda disappointed by the videos, mostly because of the video/audio quality. Another thing is that Guy Picciotto, who will always and forever be my favorite member of Fugazi, is attached to the guitar in the videos I saw, so he doesn’t just flail and spaz. Y’know. Like, I call it “dancing” but it’s more like he’s shaking off demons or something.

Anyway, the disappointment led me to YouTube more videos of Guy, which led me to videos such as these:

Not gonna lie, I can’t watch them anymore tonight, cos they’re really… getting me hot.  No, really.  I love him for his talent.  Heh.


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