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Favorite Songs of 2008.

I’m not sure if I’ll change my mind by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, but here is my list of favorite singles for 2008. Tried to be honest. I thought about how much the songs affected me emotionally, but also how good the songs were.

(1) Bufi – We Begin

We Begin is from the Homeless Hero EP, which is available for gratis at Poni Republic.

(2) Estelle – American Boy

(3) Ximena Sariñana – Normal

(4) Babasónicos – Microdancing

(5) Jamie Lidell – Another Day

(6) The Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave

(7) Britta Persson – Cliffhanger

(8) Babasónicos – Pijamas

(9) Deerhoof – Fresh Born

(10) Håkan Hellström – För en lång lång tid

Yep… I put two Babasónicos songs. It’s not that I didn’t listen to anything else. I mean I did, but damn, I really love those songs. Also, there were certain albums I liked as a whole but I couldn’t decide which songs were singles or not. I’m specifically talking about TV On The Radio. Sigh.

Also, here is a list of songs I wish had been released in 2008 so that I could have put them on my list:
(1) Jowell & RandyNo te veo
(2) El GuinchoPalmitos Park
(I think it was released in the US this year, but the album’s old, dude! So I don’t think I should count it in my regular list. But y’all should buy Alegranza! if you haven’t already.)
(3) Kid SisterControl
(4) Lito Barrientos Y Su OrquestaCumbia en do menor
(5) The OutfieldYour Love

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