Wassup Rockers

Crate Diggin’.

This dude I work with was kind enough to tell me about this awesome record fair so I totally took my derriere all the way downtown and bought a few records. I got pretty lucky, on a whim I found this album by a woman named Timi Yuro, which piqued my interest because for a second it sounded vaguely Asian. Of course, I told myself I was delusional (after having googled her, I found out she is of Italian descent), but it intrigued me enough to buy it. It didn’t hurt that one of the songs on the album is “Hallelujah I Love Her So.” They changed “her” to “him,” though. It really irks me. God forbid a woman starts singing about loving women. Sometimes a woman just wants to hug another woman with her legs in friendship!!

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right. So yeah, Timi Yuro, like Neil Sedaka*, is not Asian. But she, like Sedaka, is totally fucking awesome. Especially cos her picture on the record cover she looks like a cute little girl, but she starts singing and she’s got booming voice!

Other stuff I bought: a record featuring Henry Mancini, Al Hirt, and Pérez Prado, an Emmylou Harris greatest hits album, another by Harry Belafonte. I got a compilation of vallenato, too, which I haven’t listened to yet but oughta be pretty cool.

I also went to Other Music because they were having a sale. Everything was a measly 13% off, but they never discount anything, so I thought I should check out the sale. I found a 12″ with songs from Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats!! It includes “Popozuda Rock’n’Roll” which is one of the best tracks on the comp. Dude, I feel so so lucky to have found it.

And yes, I forgot to change the speed on my record player so the single sounded slow and distorted. It was awesome, but I changed the speed soon after the single started playing.

* I’m referencing this play by Philip Kan Gotanda that I love called Yankee Dawg You Die. Here‘s an old review of the play from the New York Times.


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