Wassup Rockers

(Very, Very) Old News.

Coño, while looking for my old newspaper pieces, I found out that the CMJ live reviews I wrote last year for Washington Square News don’t credit me anymore. WSN redid their website and reformatted everything, and now my name is nowhere to be found in their blog posts! Anyway, I’m just linking them here for myself, so that it’s easier for me to find them… at least until WSN decides to rework their site again and my shit disappears altogether. Sigh.

Saturday Looks Good to Me and Takka Takka @ CMJ Day Stage on 16 Oct 2007

Oh My Rockness’s “Norway Vs. North America” Showcase @ Knitting Factory on 17 Oct 2007: featuring Golden City, Monomen, Team Robespierre, Ida Maria and We Are Wolves

KEXP Broadcast @ Gibson Ballroom on 18 Oct 2008: featuring Simian Mobile Disco

Def Jux Showcase @ Northsix on 19 Oct 2008: featuring Activator, Junk Science, Despot, Yak Ballz, Cool Calm Pete, Hangar 18, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, El-P and Bigg Jus
(This post is the clearest evidence that, when the website and the blogs were redone, they used my original drafts in these new posts instead of the edited final versions, because at that point Northsix had already changed its name. My editor corrected this when he originally posted my review, whereas here, the mistake stands.)

Justice @ Terminal 5 on 20 Oct 2007: unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the opening band, though I do remember they weren’t much to talk about.


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