Wassup Rockers

Assorted Linkage.

Here is a hodgepodge of awesome music shit I’ve spotted on the internets in the past 72 hours, con comentario, claro.

(1) A link on Wayne & Wax led me to this really cool site on Brazilian soul music created by this dude named Thomas. The site lists some recommended reading and I found out there’s a Tim Maia bio out there. It’s in Portuguese, but I’m still itching to get it. I’ve done it before. In school I wrote a paper on the current Brazilian funk scene and the school library had actual books on the subject in Portuguese. It was pretty hard to understand… but I got enough of it to get an A. Woot woot. You can learn more about the Tim Maia bio here as well as stream a shitload of his songs, including a cover of “Wonderful World” (!).

(2) Super 45 is taking its sweet time posting a Best of 2008 list, which would suck much more if they didn’t have lovely features distracting me. First, they posted a Q&A with Evelyn Fuentes, who used to be in a band called Christianes (which I think was a distant cousin of MBV, etc). I’d never heard of her or the band, but I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic comments section and decided to track down some of her old stuff with the band. The songs on her myspace are deceptively simple. I’ve been playing them over and over and over.

(3) Super 45 also led me to this cool project called the Music Alliance Pact, which is organized by The Pop Cop and features music from 20+ countries on the 15th of every month. You can check out their previous editions of the project here. It’s kinda heartwarming to hear these songs and realize that indie music is same-y and mediocre worldwide. Hahaha, I’m just playin’. There are some cool tracks here and there.

The other great thing about finding this Music Alliance Pact is that it led me to a Korean indie music blog. I’ve always wondered about the Korean music scene(s) that are less well-known and not JYP-approved. You know, JYP? If you hate the music of Rain or Wonder Girls, you can put all the blame on him.


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