Wassup Rockers

Iván the Awesome.

So there’s this blog called Moleskine Literario, right? Sometimes I’d stumble upon it when I would be looking up stuff about Latin American authors or books, blah blah. Well recently I found out that it’s written by an actual novelist named Iván Thays. In fact, he was named one of the Bogotá 39, a list that fascinates me endlessly if only because of the demographics of the group. (For example, I’m pleasantly surprised about the inclusion of Alarcón and Díaz, whose major works are primarily in English though, admittedly, Alarcón does have a hand in Etiqueta Negra which is very much in Spanish.) Anyways, I have never read Thays’s work, not that I haven’t tried. Today I went to the Mid-Manhattan library to pick up the 25th Hour DVD that was waiting for me and I swung by upstairs to check out the Spanish language fiction section. Nada. Puede ser que hay copias de sus libros en el sistema del NYPL… but if they exist they were snatched by other mofos who are more “in” on the current Peruvian lit scene than I am.

ANYWAY. The whole point is that I like the blog a lot but the website has this annoying feature that, whenever I click on the website the first time I land on the blog, I get a fucking pop-under. Argh. Every time it happens I just want to give Thays a fucking noogie and yell at him to quit that shit. I don’t understand why he’d allow advertising on his personal blog. C’mon, dude. It’s irrimatating. That’s why I don’t actually visit it frequently, I’ll maybe visit it like, once a week and just try to catch up on the first page. And I try to avoid clicking on the first page so that I won’t get the pop-under.

Imagine, then, the surprise at reading this post.

Yo me hice fanático de la serie Candy (sí, tengo mi venus en Libra y tengo mi lado femenino bien desarrollado, ¿les jode?)…

Loosely: “I became a fan of Candy Candy (yes, I have my Venus in Libra and my feminine side is well-developed, does that bother you?)…”

When I read this I seriously cracked up. Shit, I didn’t even finish reading the post, which is about Marx’s Capital in manga form. The comments on the post are hilarious too. It’s just weird hearing a grown dude say he totally loved Candy Candy, and it’s also awesome because it just sparked a nostalgia-fest in my frigid little heart.

Irresistible, no?

Though honestly, I was really into Saint Seiya as a kid. In Spanish, the title was something like, “Knights of the Zodiac.” It really sucked that there weren’t many cool female characters, usually they were very fragile and fey. Seriously, that show was a total sausage-fest. My memory tells me that much later in the series, there were some badass female characters, but I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, I really liked the whole Greek mythology aspect of the story.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, Moleskine Literario. Besides the unfortunate pop-under business, it’s a really fun blog, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. I wonder what his fiction writing is like?


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