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Cien Por Ciento.

Sometimes I like to think that I can learn a lot about an author just from the content of their work. It’s a stupid thought. Just because an author writes in the voice of a murderer, for example, it doesn’t mean that the author is a murderer. Er, unless it’s some sordid non-fiction tell-all. But you catch my drift. I remember in school we’d read poetry, and people would always confuse the voice of the speaker with that of the author. I mean, William Carlos Williams may have eaten the damn plums for real, but we can also argue that maybe not, and that he just imagined the poem into being. Right?

Yet I can’t help but think that certain statements are so telling. I guess no one can really help it.

I just finished Paul Pope’s 100%, and I was really moved because it seems to me like he really loves art. Both in 100% and Heavy Liquid, we encounter situations where art and commerce collide. Reading Pope’s comics, it felt like he truly believes in it. Maybe he’s a crass sellout bastard in real life, what do I know. But at least from these pages, I got the sense that to him, art is something sacred.

I think I liked 100% better than Heavy Liquid, mostly because it focused on a wider variety of characters. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi shit but Paul Pope is really good at just sucking you into this futuristic setting. I loved that the story is set in NYC (most of Heavy Liquid was set there, too), because the future he imagines seems so much more plausible in this city that is constantly shifting shapes, old and new structures clashing and creating an unlikely but beautiful landscape. His artwork is so lovely. The specificity of all the things that make the future what it is–the technological advances as much as the things that are revealed to have remained the same–is intriguing and it really makes me wonder what is going on in Paul Pope’s mind.

Reaching the end of his comics, I felt a pang of sadness, mostly because I didn’t want the stories to end. It really sucks, I don’t want to give the comics back to the owner.


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