Wassup Rockers

Extreme Makeovers.

Ohhh… I’m just buggin’ out right now. I realized that I hadn’t been to the AV Club site in a while (which I think coincides with the fact that I haven’t watched a lot of TV since Pushing Daisies died in its ass), so I promptly went over to the website only to be assaulted by a … NEW LAYOUT! Dun dun dunnnnn!! Change is frightening. And yet, I think I will like it, mostly because the comments system was upgraded. Yay.

Fuck, now I’m anxiously waiting to see how the new Super45 layout is gonna turn out. There’s just so much that could go wrong. The hilarious thing is that the Super45 posse has been nice enough to ask for their readers’ input, but I really can’t think of what I want. It’s more like, I know what I don’t want.

One makeover I’m happy about? The construction work for the new Alice Tully Hall is reaching its end. I’ve passed by the Lincoln Center area a couple of times, and I gotta tell you the building looks pretty swanky. They worked on it pretty quickly too, and without closing stuff like the Walter Reade. Hurrah! Now that’s what I call efficiency.


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