Wassup Rockers

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Finally!  The Brooklyn Book Festival site updated and now the events schedule is up.  Click here.  I was mad that they were taking so long to organize themselves, which I understand is harsh because when you’re organizing such a huge event and not able to pay any of the people you want to appear, it must be extremely hard to confirm all the invited authors.  Anyway, they’ve come up with good stuff.  Since the next NY Comic-Con is really far away, they’re gonna have a few events at the book fest.  I’m also excited about seeing Thurston Moore again!  And hey, unlike the New Yorker Festival, which is also gonna have cool peeps like James Franco and Rachel Maddow speak (so I gather), the Brooklyn Book Festival is completely free…  So all in all, although I was irritated and antsy waiting to see what they’d come up with, I’m very excited about September 13.


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