Wassup Rockers

Yes, I’m Around.

Been busy, clearly.  Mostly classes, commuting to classes, work, a lot of TV, too.  A lot!  Quickly ran through all of True Blood, which I can assure is half a waste of time, with the other half being at turns tolerable, fun, and downright awesome, depending.  Wish there was more consistency in quality, but then, not every show can be a highbrow masterpiece.  As long as Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten bring on the LOLs I’m satisfied with the show.

Been watching Mad Men (excellent!), Glee (needs to pick up a bit), and Flashforward (undecided).  I tune into Project Runway when I remember but the season has been lackluster.

What other stuff has happened?  Well, watched the Emmys and didn’t hate it, and I was particularly happy about Kristin Chenowith and Michael Emerson’s.  Went to the Brooklyn Book Festival which was really fun, got to see Thurston Moore and Lupe Fiasco, among others, chatting about music and poetry and it was way more interesting and enlightening than I expected.  Also saw Jonathan Lethem and Mary Gaitskill have a heart-to-heart and that was great, too.  Why am I not shocked to find that Gaitskill likes Natsuo Kirino?  Got to see Wallace Shawn up close (very exciting!!) and I also saw some nut hassling Chuck Schumer as he got into a car–seriously!  It was so unexpected, too.

Yesterday I had a pretty nutty day.  After finding out that the Angelika was no longer showing The Baader Meinhof Complex because it was devoting 2 of its theaters to Coco Before Chanel and 3 theaters to the new Michael Moore (with the last theater left for the new Clive Owen movie that no one is gonna watch), my friend and I decided to watch Bright Star which turned out to be an excellent decision.  As far as chick flicks go, this was pretty sublime–definitely no Love Happens.  When I came out of the movie theater I just “liked” it but the more I think about it, my memory of the movie gets fonder.  Heh.  Though I have to say, the movie is set in an era where they don’t have the concept of sanitation that we do, so I was really horrified to see John Keats coughing all over his lady.  Yikes.  But the two leads were great, as was the guy who played Keats’s BFF Brown.  They were really fun when they weren’t being intense, makes me wish I’d been friends with all of them.  There were these kids in the movie, too, but they weren’t annoying so that was a plus.  I found the music and sound to be really well utilized.  I enjoyed the film a lot, and I kinda want to see it again.

As if that wasn’t depressing enough of a spectacle, I went to see Hamlet after that.  I showed up at the box office 2.5 hours after it opened and I was nervous they’d be out of student tickets, but I got one no problem.  Mind you, this was the farthest seat I’ve gotten in a while (I was in the mezz), but still, I got my ticket with no fuss.  The play was looooong.  But generally very good!  I liked Jude Law a lot and it was nice to see him acting instead of, er, y’know, cheating on assorted significant others.  Just sayin’.

I found myself comparing a lot to the one other version of the play I saw at Shakespeare in the Park last year.  Even though I was tired during both plays, this one succeeded in keeping my attention.  It was a more straightforward version of the play, too, at the park they had “interesting” interpretations of the work.  Here, it was more traditional but executed deftly and with confidence.  The actors were generally good, they used the stage well.  There was a lot of laughter, too, and not because the production was laughable but because the cues were right.  Like I was surprised by how funny Jude Law was, I haven’t seen him in a lot of stuff to be honest.

A lot of the directorial choices made a difference, too.  Like at one point, Hamlet’s uncle is confessing his crimes and Hamlet is ready to stick the dagger into the sorry motherfucker, but Hamlet stops himself.  The way the two of them were lit, it created this huge shadow against the set that made Hamlet’s actions way more menacing, it was so cool to watch.

Up in the mezz everyone gave a standing ovation… except me.  I thought it was solid, but not ovation worthy.  I clapped really hard, though!  And I kinda do want to see it again, even though it was super-long.  But was I moved so intensely that it shook me to my core?  Nah.  And so I didn’t stand up and cheer.

Body count in Bright Star: 2.  Body count in Hamlet: 6, I think, and that’s not counting Hamlet’s daddy, neither.  Total “deaths” witnessed yesterday: 8.  Man, maybe I’ll end up watching something frivolous like Love Happens after all.  Just kidding.

In general I thought the Broadhurst Theatre, which is housing Hamlet at the moment, is pretty wack.  I understand that managing crowds is hard but those usher were seriously tough cookies.  They had these lights they would shine on rule-breakers, which they wielded as a shaming device.  I was pretty mortified and scared to do anything other than to sit in my seriously tight seat.  There was absolutely no leg room.  At least the bathroom had a lot of stalls.  But really not my favorite theater experience.

I’ve been missing a lot of music.  My fauxpod died and there are no AA batteries in the house so I can’t listen to my CD player either.  I’ve been listening to my regular stereo which is okay but, well, not portable.  I “discovered” the Flaming Lips.  I read Jim DeRogatis’s bio on them, and it wasn’t that fascinating until I saw a picture of Dave Fridmann when he was younger and I thought he was the cutest guy ever…  and obviously that lead me to buy The Soft Bulletin?  Okay, my purchase was irrational but still totally worth it.  Also been listening to Adele’s 19 and The Eraser, both of which I love for very different reasons.  I don’t know, there’s a growing hole in the part of my life that is composed of music, and it’s dragging me down.  Gotta get back into it.


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