Wassup Rockers

Inbox Issues.

Holy mother of god! What is the deal! I don’t get a lot of mail except for a few subscriptions, one of which is One Story. It comes with just enough regularity so I’m always excited to wait for it. (The quality of the stories has, in general, been pretty good, and some have even been excellent.) On top of that, I always feel anxious about whether the issues are really gonna make it to my doorstep because I don’t trust the US Postal Service.

Well, it had been a while since I received a copy but not too long; I was still in that period of decision where I couldn’t figure out if I should write to the One Story peeps, and today I received an issue… but not the one I’d been expecting. Crap. I got issue 129, but the last one I’d received was 127. What happened to 128?? Sigh. I really don’t want to write to them. But I want my issue! Damn it. I mean, I doubt that it’s their fault since it’s Christmas season after all, but they’re gonna have to pay for it, and that sucks. Bah.

I highly recommend the magazine, though. And I’m really happy that 129 made it to my house safely, don’t get me wrong. The issues are perfectly pocket-sized, and the subscriptions aren’t too expensive compared to some quarterlies that are chock-full of advertisements and content I wouldn’t read.


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