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A Vampire-less Weekend.

Today I found myself chilling near Washington Square Park with a big bag from Housing Works, and I was captivated with this pigeon who pecked without mercy at this crushed, green M&M. I wondered if it was his (her?) tendency to eat all its food that way, or if he just enjoyed M&M’s as much as I do. (As a matter of fact, I had a bag of dark chocolate M&M’s in the Housing Works bag, waiting to be eaten.) I assume it was the latter notion because he didn’t leave one bit of candy on the ground.

I went to Housing Works to buy some deeply discounted literary magazines. Got some really cool stuff, and each magazine was about $2. You know how some people go to sample sales to catch some awesome designer swag at really really cheap prices? That’s how I am with books, so I relished every moment I was at the bookstore.

Yesterday I went to go see Kid Sister at Central Park. The problem–and this was a big problem–was that the headliners were Vampire Weekend, so I was aware that there was gonna be a shitload of people at the show. Still, I did NOT want to risk sunstroke while waiting on the line to gain entrance, so I arrived half an hour before the gates opened. Except the line was like half a mile long. I’m not exaggerating. Seriously, I don’t know who a lot of these people were. The couple behind definitely knew nothing except that they’d heard from someone in passing, and said individual expressed that he (she?) didn’t like Vampire Weekend. They’d never even been to a Summer Stage show. There were five people in the party in front of me, all of them South Asian. Two of them were young enough that they probably knew who was actually playing, but the three others were old enough to be everyone’s Aunties. In spite of everything, my inner cheapskate thought, “Well, I have nothing to do, might as well just wait cos how many chances will I have to see Kid Sis for free.” I kept thinking that even as a drizzle started. The drizzle actually felt good, “It’s just water,” I kept telling myself, and it was much better than the muggy heat.

Interlude: phone call with Roland.

[Sound of thunder.]
Roland: Whoa!
Me: I know. God is trying to punish everyone for wanting to see Vampire Weekend.

(To quote Travis Bickle: “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets…”)

Scattered individuals kept telling us that the venue was already at capacity, but I didn’t wanna budge until somebody told us officially. Once again: FREE Kid Sis = I’d rather wait. Eventually I did accept that I wouldn’t get in, so I just ran over to get as close to the stage as possible without gaining access. (The concerts are loud enough that you can hear really well from outside if you’re within a few yards.) Except by this point it was raining harder. Once again: rain = a li’l bit of water.

My breaking point was when I realized I was soaked right through my underwear. So I peaced out. I found an Au Bon Pain and had some soup. I was pretty grouchy yesterday, but in hindsight, it was pretty LOL-worthy. Except for the fact that I was soaked right through, it was kinda fun, even if I didn’t get to see Kid Sis.


R. Kelly Acquitted; Next Album To Be Titled “If I Did It”

Hi kids!  After a day of deliberation, the R. Kelly trial is over.  He has been acquitted of all charges.  I like to think that he was NOT proven innocent and that, instead, they just couldn’t prove for sure that he was guilty.  (Does that make sense?)  For some reason, I can’t stop wondering: ¿qué diría Gloria Trevi?

New York Times article here.

Comprehensive coverage from Idolator here.

A Briefing.

I’ve been meaning to write. It’s just that my dad’s identity was stolen and we’ve been trying to lessen the damage around here. So here’s some things that I’ve done in the past few weeks to try and forget the fact that our family’s totally fucked:

On April 26 I went to Symphony Space and saw ¾ of their Dance Sampler, which was a 4-hour marathon of new dance works choreographed by women. As you’d imagine it was a grab bag of the great, the not-so-great, and the fucking weird. It was also difficult to try and watch 16 pieces in a four hour span. If I hadn’t been already tired I would have been able to focus a bit better.

On April 29 I went to Carnegie Hall (my first time!) for a benefit concert. The benefit was for a children’s hospital in Israel so many of the musicians who participated were Israeli. The headliner was supposed to be a musical version of this picture book, The Runaway Bunny, featuring a reading by Brooke Shields. Apparently Brooke Shields is ill or something? Glenn Close subbed in instead, and she was really wonderful. The venue itself is awe-inspiringly beautiful. I want to go back.

On May 1, it was the last day for a number of my classes. Somehow I ended up at a bar with a dozen of my classmates. We went right after class so we had our backpacks and shit, you can imagine how ridiculous we looked, and actually, we got kicked out because one of our classmates didn’t have his ID. Hilarious.

On May 2 I went to a screening of Goran Dukic’s Wristcutters at Instituto Cervantes, which was presented by the PEN World Voices Festival. I was really nervous because Etgar Keret sat directly behind me—this was one of those times when I wished I didn’t know what my favorite authors look like. I was so self-conscious because I’m a very very fidgety moviegoer, the kind who always wants to yell at the screen in response and rest her legs on the seat in front, etc. On top of that I kept reacting at every little change I’ve noted between the movie and the story. Knowing that he was sitting behind me the entire time just put me on edge.

I’m surprised that the movie didn’t get as much buzz as it should have; I thought it was quite good. I do think it has its flaws but I really liked the movie. There are some major changes, but the spirit of the story is pretty intact. There were some parts of it that were truly worth laughing out loud for. Actually, I don’t think I really listened to Will Arnett in the movie at all, because the entire time he was on screen I was just thinking “GOB BLUTH=GOD” and couldn’t fucking stop giggling about it. I think one chink in the armor, to me, was the least subtle soundtrack I’ve heard in a while. Yes, “Gloomy Sunday” was a wonderful touch, but pretty much all the songs were depressing and death-happy and about broken love. Good makeup job on the actors, though.

A Modest Proposal.

Dear Mr. Day-Lewis,

As a commenter in this AV Club feature points out, you seem to have a thing for period pieces, particularly ones that seem profoundly American.

“Is Daniel Day Lewis systematically retelling the entirety of U.S. history?” the commenter asks. “His work in The Crucible, Last of the Mohicans, Gangs Of New York, and The Age Of Innocence paints a fascinating, incomplete portrait of a land throughout history.”

Since you do what you do so well, and there’s still a lot of eras in American history to cover, I’m sure a lot of people want to know what your next project will be.

The funny thing is, after reading that AV Club feature, I stumbled upon a review for this book called Charlatan, which is about this famous quack doctor, John Brinkley. (The book, written by Pope Brock, comes out on Tuesday; the NYT called the work “heavenly.”) The first time I encountered Brinkley’s story, it was in the (excellent) Carter Family bio Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? I was totally fascinated by him and was so disappointed that there was only a chapter on Brinkley’s shenanigans.

So when I was on the Newsweek website and saw this review I got super-excited. The opening line to the review, though, got me even more excited. David Gates asks,”If Hollywood hasn’t already optioned Pope Brock‘s ‘Charlatan,’ an account of the rise and fall of the all-American quack ‘Dr.’ John R. Brinkley, what’s keeping it?”

I think I found you your new project. No need for monetary compensation, a simple “thank you” will do.

Stay fresh,
Elizabeth U.

2008 Y’all!!

I hope you all had good New Year’s Day celebrations.

I already broke my resolution.

For Your Consideration.

I was thinking back on this year and I started getting really mad when I realized Diablo Cody might end up winning a lot of awards. It’s not that I don’t applaud her efforts, I think she did a good job at Juno, but it wasn’t the best-written movie I watched this year. I think the best-written movie I watched in 2007 was Hot Fuzz. But everyone’s forgotten about the movie cos it came out so early in the year and it probably didn’t make much money because it’s like, British and shit. You’d think a movie that features older people so prominently, and in such as badass way, would strike a chord with older committee voters. I mean most people who vote for these awards tend to be older, right? Well, whatever. I just feel that not only was Hot Fuzz incredibly funny, the delivery of the lines was fantastic AND the execution of the movie as a whole was incredibly tight. I was so impressed. Unlike most movies that claim this, hilarity DOES ensue in Hot Fuzz. It’s a pity it won’t get no props.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to rag on Diablo Cody alone. If anything, it just says that I seriously see her as a strong contender during the awards season. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m getting into such a tizzy about all of this.


Went to see Lars and the Real Girl. It was a sweet movie. I wouldn’t say it’s life-changing and I found the narrative very straightforward. You know, boy meets life-size sex doll, etc etc. I read somewhere that it was supposed to be a sorta fairy tale, and it really was. It was so cute and the acting was fantastic. I recommend it very highly because (1) Ryan Gosling never fails to be a revelation and I have so much respect for him even though he totally poked Sandra Bullock at one point, and (b) I seriously feel like this movie deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Costume, cos all the sweaters that RyGos has to wear are BANGIN’!!!

Oh yeah, and they played “Genius of Love” and “This Must Be The Place” during a party sequence. It was fucking cool.

The movie was really funny, too! But I feel like it’s not everyone’s sort of humor. This was more awkward “Oh my god you are not fo’ real!!” humor than “LOL.”

There is No Explanation for This.

My CMJ 2007 Schedule.

This post is really for myself, just so I won’t forget what shows I’m going to.

Tuesday 16 Oct

Day Stage – Puck Building

12:00pm 1090 Club
1:00pm Takka Takka
2:00pm The Section Quartet
3:00pm Saturday Looks Good To Me
3:00pm Jennifer O’Connor

Wednesday 17 Oct

Knitting Factory Main Space

More info here. Sorry, it’s kind of a pain trying to figure out the websites.

8:00pm DJ Illogix
8:00pm DJ Shmeeze
8:00pm DJ Etronik
8:00pm DJ Image
8:00pm DJ Flawless
8:00pm DJ Supreme
8:00pm Mike Delite
8:00pm DJ Esquire
8:00pm The X-men X-ecutioners

Thursday 18 Oct

KEXP CMJ Broadcasts – Gibson Showroom

4pm Simian Mobile Disco

Blender Theater at Gramercy

7:00pm Death of Fashion
7:45pm Benzos
8:30pm The Epochs
10:00pm Datarock
12:30am Air Traffic
12:30am 1990s
12:30am Spoon

Friday 19 Oct

Music Hall of Williamsburg

9:00pm Activator
9:20pm Cool Calm Pete
9:30pm Junk Science
9:50pm Despot
10:10pm Yak Ballz
10:30pm Hangar 18
11:00pm EL-P w/ The Mighty Quin & Mr. Dibbs

Saturday 20 Oct

Terminal 5

8:00pm Midnight Juggernauts
9:00pm Justice

Knitting Factory Main Space

8:30pm Colour Revolt
9:15pm Anathallo
10:00pm The Color Fred
10:45pm The New Amsterdams
11:40pm Saves the Day

Hope I don’t die and/or lose my hearing in the next week. That would kinda sorta maybe be bad news.

Based on the Story By…

Well holy shit.  I just found out Pizzeria Kamikaze (or rather, “Kneller’s Happy Campers”) was made into a movie, Wristcutters.  And Tom Waits plays Kneller.  I bet the story isn’t based in Israel anymore, what with a cast that includes Patrick Fugit and all, but YEAH!  I really wanna see it.  Maybe not in the movie theater, but I’ll definitely check it out if it’s on DVD.

I really dig Etgar Keret.  At first I thought Pizzeria Kamikaze was just okay, but I can’t stop thinking about it.  I really need to buy it soon!!

Totes Random.

Well, I just sent these songs to myself (from my desktop PC to my laptop), but I think it’s a waste to be the only one to download these ~*HOT JAMZZZ*~ so I’ll share.

(1) The first is that song that plays in a loop on the Amores Perros DVD menu that you’d think would drive you crazy but it’s so damn good and fierce and aggro and if there’s one song that truly represents the movie, it’s probably “Sí señor.” It’s not “Me van a matar,” which is more of a “Hey, Julieta Venegas sorta had cred back in the days (lol)” song; it’s not “Aviéntame,” which is more of a “Yay, Meme gets to sing” song. Oh wait, I guess “De perros amores” is the most representative song, cos it has the Control Machete grit in contrast to Ely Guerra’s vulnerability. But it’s like, these three songs I just mentioned aren’t in the movie actually. “Sí señor” is, and used in a fantastic way.

(2) The other song is just a cover of “Whip It.” En español. By Los Prisioneros. Doesn’t that sound awesome? To be honest, it’s mostly awesome because it’s faithful to the original.

Control Machete – Sí señor

Los Prisioneros – Azota

Movies @ MoMA + Transformers Reviewed.

Hey dudes and dudettes and others,

I found out that the MoMA is doing this film series called Premiere Brazil, and they’re showing this documentary on Tom Zé, among other movies. You should definitely check it out. I can’t go to the Tom Zé movie specifically, but I’ll probably go to one of the others, since they sound really interesting.

Saw Transformers today. It was okay. To elaborate, I understand that action movies aren’t exactly the most plot-conscious (“Okay so there are these glasses and robots and this cube with funny writing on it and also Pino from Do The Right Thing just shows up in the middle of the movie…”), but it’s like I didn’t even understand the battle scenes. It was kinda hard to follow which robots were the goodies and which were the baddies. I totally don’t get what happened to the bad robot at the end. Sorry I’m not using the specific names of the robots, I’m tired right now.

Actually, I followed most of the plot up until the last 30 to 40 minutes of the movie–it’s not that the plot got confusing, it’s more like the folks involved with the movie gave up on plot structure completely and tried to make up for it with explosions and (very) cool special effects.

This is one of the most hetero 12- to 34-year-old male oriented movie I’ve been to in a while. The dialogue was, at times, totally pulled out of the writer’s ass and not at all realistic. It was like what an old person thinks teenagers say these days. I literally laughed at some of the scenes just by the way they were constructed, especially the ones with the love interest girl in them. I can’t remember the love interest’s name, and I don’t know who the hell she is in real life, but she’s really not gonna have much of a career based on this movie alone. Totally not memorable, and even worse, there was NO chemistry between her and Shia at all. Terrible. The least sexy love interest I’ve seen since Katie Holmes in that Batman movie.

After you take a media criticism class in college, you can’t watch movies like these and not laugh your ass off at all the product placement, use of sexuality, etc. You also can’t help sounding like a total pretentious ass when reviewing movies like these.

There was one incredible highlight though: Shia LaBoeuf was fucking awesome, or as much as you could be running around and chilling in you car-robot hybrid. Actually, the running around was boring. It was really great just to see him stammering like a self-deprecating dork. He made a more vulnerable type of hero, a la Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, and I really thought he played it well. Like, you still thought it was cool, and you could see why he was special enough to be That One Dude Who Gets To Hang With All The Robots, even though his character was mad dorky. It would definitely be cool to see him in more substantial roles. But I’m also glad he got paid to run around in a Strokes shirt.


At work last night, our supervisor showed up to tell us ushers that she had great news.  So someone asked, “You mean the Spice Girls reuniting?”  Our supervisor agreed that this was great news, but she really meant we’re gonna get free ponchos for when it rains.  We’ve gotten rained out several times; we even cancelled last night’s show as well as on Wednesday.  Technically, a little rain isn’t too bad, but there’s been lightning too, and that’s dangerous.  It’s great not having to work as late but it gets tedious waiting for the weather to get better, and it’s disappointing not to see the actual performance.  I saw one of the crew people approach the leads last night to confirm that the show really was cancelled, and they looked  pretty bummed as well.  But I feel especially bad for the people who lined up for hours to get tickets.

Speaking of the Spice Girls, time has really proven that “Wannabe” is a terrible song.  But “Say You’ll Be There” has aged surprisingly well

Random Goodies.

I dunno what to make of this video. No doubt the song is just “eh” but the video itself is very “Blow-Up.” What a head scratcher. How many pop stars do you know with videos that spoof cult movies based on great short stories that make no sense?

Did any of youse hear about this? Wack.

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me in the past week is that you can now find all the “Ask the AV Club” columns under one link instead of having to dig around the AV Club site to find all of them. Wish they woulda done it sooner but I’m just happy to have a go-to site where I can waste my time when I’m not doing a lot at work.

In terms of real news, I hear there was a shooting last night. At a Kennedy Fried Chicken. If that doesn’t say “ghetto,” I don’t know what does.

Me Verás Caer.

I read some terrible news over at the Onion AV Club: Punk Planet is dead.  Isn’t that so sad?  I understand that there’s a lot of folks who don’t even buy magazines any more and all they do is go on Hype Machine, which is okay, I guess, but it’s sad because Punk Planet stayed independent for so so long.  Their view of punk, too, is incredibly broad, which I really appreciate.  Then again, this is also extra incentive for me to go out and buy We Owe You Nothing.  I recommend you do the same, the people included are super interesting.  Also, I think they are still going to keep their book imprint so maybe you can buy some of their novels and the like.  Es una verdadera pena.

In other news, I’m terribly conflicted.  I just found out that Calle 13 are playing the same night as Zoé + The Pinker Tones + Chetes.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to the Zoé since it’s free but it still kinda pains me to think about, and I sort of really do want to see Residente + Visitante + PG-13.  Damn.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you wish your life was as difficult as mine.  Haha.

Also, I was a li’l miffed in my previous post about this Soda Stereo reunion shit, but honestly I think if they came to the US I’d go.  I’m just, y’know, perfectly aware that they’re viejitos and that they hate each other and that they’re probably just doing it to feed their families.  Hard to believe they did get back together.  They must be getting so much dinero!

Soda Stereo – Danza rota

Soda Stereo – Ella usó mi cabeza como un revólver

¿Qué Más Quieres, Quieres Más?

This has to be the nicest, most interesting post I’ve read in a while. It’s got some weird shit (the Hector “El Father” item), some ridiculously cool shit (like that awesome Senator Obama reggaetón song), and also some bullshit (SODA STEREO REUNITING?!?!). OMG I can’t believe it’s true!

But bullshit aside the folks at La Onda Tropical make a good point: the new Manú Chao ain’t all that. You really have to wonder about Manú Chao’s work. Clandestino is amazing, and it still holds up. I also think that Mano Negra were really cool. But the post-Clandestino material has been kinda same ol’, lame ol’.

And, hey, check out the new M.I.A. vid for her first single, “Boyz”:

Hm, I love talking shit about her, but honestly I do like her music. I think I’ll forgive her for unleashing “Bird Flu” on us. That song was wack. The only problem with the “Boyz” vid is all the graphics, I can understand it’s part of her whole image but they’re way too distracting. It would have been pretty cool just watching everyone dance! Actually, here’s the “Making Of” vid, it’s easier to tolerate:

A Retraction.

Ugh, I totally recant what I said about not making a big deal when I see a celebrity. The thing is, this time I saw someone who is ACTUALLY famous, so I was really fucking excited. Especially cos I wasn’t sure it was him (he was wearing shades) but he was on the phone so when I heard his voice I was like WWW.ZOMGZ.COM!

So who did I see, you ask?


But no, he’s not my first hobbit sighting (wassup, Elijah Wood!), so I’m very surprised at myself for squealing out loud in front of him. Yikes, he must have thought I was insane!

Random track of the day:

Half Man Half Biscuit – Joy Division Oven Gloves

Books and People More Famous than You.

What I learned yesterday: how to pronounce “Chabon” (as in Michael)

I really want to read the Yiddish Policemen’s Union, but I’m probably going to have to (a) wait for the paperback, which is cheaper than the hardcover, or (b) wait for the library to order it, which is free but there’s probably gonna be 5 million people requesting it. We’ll have to see.

Actually, I just checked and the NYPL has ordered 255 copies of Chabon’s new book. That would be great news except that there are currently 636 requests for it. Actually, I’m the 636th person, last in line. Sheesh, whatever happened to people no longer reading books?? It’ll probably come out in paperback before I can even get a copy from the library.

Semi-celeb spotted yesterday: Sean Lennon

I know, it’s totally random. I wasn’t even sure it was him because he had this massive beard, but I asked my friend and she confirmed it was him. He was in a fly suit and walking with a lady friend.

It’s weird living in New York City because it really warps your sense of “celebrity.” By that I mean that a lot of the “sightings” I’ve had have never been really famous people. Y’know, a few Strokes, some Interpol-ers, a couple of Blonde Redhead-ers, a Yeah Yeah Yeah (couple of weeks ago in front of Whole Foods!), etc.

My one celebrity disappointment is that I’ve never seen Mr. Big; I guess he doesn’t count as a sighting since everyone else has seen him, but I feel like I’ve been robbed of a genuine NYC experience. On the other hand, I have seen James Iha multiple times, so I guess that makes up for not bumping into Mr. Big. I did see Christina Ricci once, and once I was in DUMBO and Julianne Moore was there filming a movie.

Even when you do see these people, you never really bother them. You realize, what’s the point? Sometimes I have felt compelled to say something. But even then, you try not to be annoying. Cos you realize they’re just people and there’s no point in putting them on pedestals, right?

Good Night Alice Concert @ Alice Tully Hall

On Monday night I was my relative’s +1 for this event that was held at Lincoln Center. I went cos there’s only so much low brow pop music I can take and it’s like, fuck, if it’s free who cares if they’re gonna play classical and jazz, right? So basically, the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center was being closed for renovations, so the Lincoln Center people organized a concert for their biggest donors. I think almost everyone present had donated at least $50000 worth.

My relative and I were exceptions to the rule. It was an odd experience. Like being a geek in high school: you know you’re not in the in crowd, but you’re so not jealous of the people who are in and don’t care to try. I just watched, a wallflower. So many white rich people! This is the sort of event that is featured in the last page of the Sunday Styles section in the New York Times. Y’know, boldfaced names to go along with pictures of rich people smiling at the camera. In fact, the media were there snapping away at the more notorious faces.

It was such a surreal experience, like watching a movie, really. You see things like that in movies where people are having balls or parties and everyone is mingling and laughing and going “Darling how are you doing blah blah.” People drank and some people looked ~*FABULOUS*~ and some people were a sad reminder that money can’t buy you a good sense of style. My relative and I didn’t speak to anyone. There were so many little old white ladies.

This concert, above all, was a way of telling the donors “Look, your contributions are really making a difference, thanks for everything!!!!!” They even showed a little montage of the renovation plans, which was pretty cool.

The concert itself was pretty fantastic though I was disappointed by two of the acts. One was Laurie Anderson, whose stuff I didn’t care for. To me, she sounded like an old person trying to do cool edgy young stuff. It was clever enough, but not as clever as everyone was making it out to be. I know, I’m an asshole who has no respect for established artistes like her.

The other act I disliked was the last person, a female singer who was in Light in the Piazza. A Broadway singer–oy! And it’s not to say that all B’way singers are like this, but lemme rant: technique over emotion doesn’t cut it for me. She sounded fantastic, the tone was impeccable. But did I care for it? Uh fuck no. It all felt very camera-ready, even the hand motions felt choreographed. So much artifice.

I especially disliked that she went on after Wynton Marsalis, meaning he was billed 2nd. WHAT? This is was muthafuckin’ Wynton Marsalis! The man gets no respeck. But he did sound amazing. And I’d never ever seen a jazz drummer live before, so that was really sweet for me.

Philip Glass performed too! Played the piano a bit. I can’t believe how lucky I am to say that I’ve seen him live. I loved it.

I think my favorites were the Juilliard Orchestra. They were so young and professional. But at the same time they were so into it. Plus, they played one of my favorite songs ever from my most favorite musical ever: “Mambo” from West Side Story. I almost died from happiness because it was totally unexpected. To hear the percussion in a room with such great acoustics was mind-blowing. I’d be totally satisfied if I never went to another concert. God muthafuckin’ damn. It was pretty cool to be there for the Alice Tully Hall’s last night, too.

Apparently it’ll take 18 months to open again. We’ll see if they stay on schedule!

Here‘s a review of the event on the NYT website.

Leonard Bernstein – Dance at the Gym (from West Side Story) [includes “Mambo”]

Please Disregard This Post.


I wonder if ratings will go down for American Idol now? Hm.

Tourette’s is Just One Big Lifetime of Tag, Really.

This is the post where I fess up and tell you that I have a thing for novelty records. Like that one blog that posted up Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs a long time ago? Oh yeah, I totally downloaded that shit before the blog got into legal trouble and had to take it down. But that’s beside the point.

My point is that I was at the Salon site recently, a site I don’t check out too often, and as I was browsing through their Audiofile section, I noticed these “great literary podcasts” on the right column. And then I gasped because (a) they had an excerpt of Motherless Brooklyn, and (b) THIS EXCERPT IS READ BY STEVE BUSCEMI. Basically, I almost died. And then I downloaded the mp3 and listened to it. And then I really died. And after dying I replayed it like 20 thousand times. 20 thousand petit morts, I guess we could say.

Except it won’t show up on my Audioscrobbler! I’ve only been listening to it during my commute to and from school. Cos it just sounds better to have an awesome NYC actor reading an excerpt from an awesome NYC novel in the awesome NYC subway, y’know?

Another thing, I totally didn’t realize that Stylus’s Singles Jukebox changed into a blog format. I’m so out of it. The only thing I’ve read at Stylus recently was their Cure vs. Depeche Mode feature. I really liked that feature, mostly because the kid who wrote it (who also happens to be a friend of a friend!) is totally Team Depeche Mode, and I am too. Ugh, off to another tangent. What I meant to say is that I don’t know what to think of the new Singles Jukebox. It’s good, but it’s not the same. On the other hand, who cares, it’s one of the indie few places where pop songs are taken seriously!

You should definitely go to the Salon website and download that Steve Buscemi shit, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks. And heeeeeere’s Johnny Cash, who I guess was on Team Depeche Mode, too:

Johnny Cash – “Personal Jesus

So it Goes.

Kurt Vonnegut is dead. As a Bokononist, I have a hard time believing this. But Wikipedia says so, and y’all know Wikipedia don’t lie.

Manú Chao – “Mentira