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No Nostalgia Here.

Hm, I haven’t been to Super 45 in a while so I’m a week late on this post on the worst songs of the 90s. It’s a pretty interesting glimpse into what sort of stuff was big in Chile.

I was quite offended that they included “I Will Always Love You” in the list; I wish they’d included notes on the songs and justified why they were included on the list. Like if they’d said “Whitney butchers the song, ¡que viva Dolly!” I’d be willing to accept the song’s inclusion on this list. But the song itself? Beautiful. Dolly Parton is a brilliant songwriter-amusement park owner-plastic surgery enthusiast, okay?

The other thing that surprised me was the lack of Laura Pausini. As a little girl I fucking adored Laura Pausini but let’s face it, she’s made some incredible mediocrities and she’s a huge star in Latin America, which I would expect to mean she’s a pretty obvious target. Totally should have been on the list. Then again, Celine Dion is on that list, and for some reason I mentally put them in the same category.


Favorite Songs of 2009.

Or, the year I spent too much time watching MTV Tres.  Way to kiss off the decade, right?  Heh…

1) Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

2) Phoenix – 1901

3) Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

4) Annie – Songs Remind Me of You

5) Bomba Estéreo – Fuego

Their recorded stuff doesn’t compare to the live shit, so initially I was disappointed by Blow Up.  But after a few spins I couldn’t stop listening… They did a MBE set just a while back, you can listen/watch here. I didn’t know how they would handle the interview portion because it’s very clear that they don’t know English well, but Simón handled it deftly.

6) Sean Kingston – Fire Burning

7) Bat For Lashes – Daniel

8) Alexis & Fido – Ojos que no ven

9) Daddy Yankee ft. Jowell & Randy – ¿Qué tengo que hacer? (Remix)

Which I’ve already mentioned like a million times, IDGAF!

10) Aventura – Su veneno

11) Gepe – Las piedras

Unfortunately, I find this Gepe video incredibly goofy. The song is really good though. His label, Quemasucabeza, has the Las piedras EP for free here, if you wanna hear a more polished version.

Some others, in no order:

Plastilina MoshPervert Pop Song
Gustavo CeratiDéjà vu
The GossipHeavy Cross
ShakiraLo hecho está hecho
Los Amigos InvisiblesMentiras

Favorite Songs of 2008.

I’m not sure if I’ll change my mind by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, but here is my list of favorite singles for 2008. Tried to be honest. I thought about how much the songs affected me emotionally, but also how good the songs were.

(1) Bufi – We Begin

We Begin is from the Homeless Hero EP, which is available for gratis at Poni Republic.

(2) Estelle – American Boy

(3) Ximena Sariñana – Normal

(4) Babasónicos – Microdancing

(5) Jamie Lidell – Another Day

(6) The Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave

(7) Britta Persson – Cliffhanger

(8) Babasónicos – Pijamas

(9) Deerhoof – Fresh Born

(10) Håkan Hellström – För en lång lång tid

Yep… I put two Babasónicos songs. It’s not that I didn’t listen to anything else. I mean I did, but damn, I really love those songs. Also, there were certain albums I liked as a whole but I couldn’t decide which songs were singles or not. I’m specifically talking about TV On The Radio. Sigh.

Also, here is a list of songs I wish had been released in 2008 so that I could have put them on my list:
(1) Jowell & RandyNo te veo
(2) El GuinchoPalmitos Park
(I think it was released in the US this year, but the album’s old, dude! So I don’t think I should count it in my regular list. But y’all should buy Alegranza! if you haven’t already.)
(3) Kid SisterControl
(4) Lito Barrientos Y Su OrquestaCumbia en do menor
(5) The OutfieldYour Love

Nananananananana, Leader!

Shocker of all shockers (NOT): The Dark Knight opened at #1 position in the box office. Not only that, it’s got the numero uno US opening of all time at $155 million, which doesn’t surprise me either. What boggles my mind, then? As of this writing, 12:45 pm on July 21, 2008, The Dark Knight is #1 on the IMDB Top 250!

And to think, I still haven’t had a chance to spend $12 on the movie yet!

Current Jams.

Some stuff I’ve been listening to:

1. The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru

Sit down, my chillun, let me tell y’all a story. So on leap day, my token 90s friend and I went for an early dinner to Yaffa Cafe, which is located on St. Marks next to that odd-smelling but otherwise way cool used bookstore next door. So here we were, having dinner early like two old ladies, not many folks around so that the waiters were all kinda chillin’, hangin’ back. There was this Latin shit playing in the background pero yo no sabía lo que era. And it was hilarious, too, one of the tracks was like this Latinized version of “Für Elise.” Can I get a LOL, anyone? So when my friend and I finished eating our din din, I asked the waiter what the album was. He said he didn’t know but he’d check the iPod for me. He did so, telling me it was this album of chicha jams. Actually, he wrote it down and even specified that I could buy it at Other Music. Well, imagine that. I really appreciate that the waiter took the time to help me out.  Is that great service or what?

My friend and I had nothing to do after dinner, so we just sashayed our way to Other Music and I bought the CD. It’s really fun! If you bum around the website of the label that released the album, you’ll see they are planning to release another chicha-happy album in a few weeks. I’m definitely gonna have to check it out.

I know that for kids who read the more well-known music blogs, “afropop” is probably a buzzword maintenant (god bless Vampire Weekend!). But with the hispanoablantes, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a resurgence of cumbia. Por ejemplo, check out this feature from NYRemezcla. This is totally delightful for me, since I think I was born to dance to that shit.

2. Infame, Babasónicos

Well, I’ve been digging this band for a while, but I’ve been obsessing lately. I keep wondering if it’s some morbid fascination with the fact that their bassist died last month, y’know, like having some nostalgia that never belonged to me in the first place. After all, I really have no idea who’s even in the band. They’re just one of those bands where I’m more wrapped up by the music itself than knowing everything about every person in the group.

It’s really shocking how powerful this album can be. Mostly I’ve listened to Jessico, but I was rereading Lechner’s Rock en Español and he was all like, “ZOMG I love Infame,” so on the same evening I bought the chicha album, I somehow drifted into the world music section of the Virgin at Union Square and once I grabbed onto Infame, I couldn’t let go. I know it must sound silly to want an album that I already have and have listened to on my computer, but it’s really not the same. I’ve been listening to Infame on my CD player and it’s been pretty great. On Saturday I was home listening to it alone and during the chorus of “Putita” I just started crying. It wasn’t over Gabo, though I do want to make it clear I think it’s fucked up that he died at such a young age. It’s just that the melody and the lyrics meld beautifully in this song. I wonder if all the band members are proud of all the music they’ve created through the years. I think they should be. ¿No les gustaría haber escrito esa canción? Y cuando oyen canciones como esta, ¿no les parece un honor de ser capaz de oir? This is the kind of song that reminds me to take care of my ears so I won’t go deaf…

3. Multiply, Jamie Liddell

I’m just mentally preparing myself for the release of the new album. He’s playing a couple of shows at the Bowery Ballroom in June. They should be pretty wild.

10 of My Most Played Albums in 2007.

I promised one last music list, which I’m sure you could care less about, but I think it says a lot about my year. So here it is…

Albums I listened to more than my Top 10 albums of 2007

(1) Ghetto Brothers – Power Fuerza
(2) Soda Stereo – Signos
(3) Javiera Mena – Esquemas Juveniles
(4) Mutya Buena – Real Girl
(5) Babasónicos – Jessico
(6) Zoé – Memo Rex blah blah whatever the longass title is
(7) Shakira – Fijación oral v. 1
(8) Makiza – Vida salvaje
(9) Sugababes – Taller in More Ways
(10) Kylie Minogue – Ultimate Kylie

These were the albums I listened to over and over. Especially albums like Power Fuerza, which I listened to without skipping any of the songs. Sorry for the lack of links on the Ghetto Bros. and Makiza, they don’t have official websites.

My previous lists here and here.

Hope 2008 brings even more musical delights!

Favorite Albums 2007

Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2007

(1) Gepe – Hungría
(2) Instituto Mexicano del Sonido – Piñata
(3) Liars – Liars
(4) Café Tacuba – Sino
(5) Blonde Redhead – 23
(6) Calle 13 – Residente o Visitante
(7) Fujiya & Miyagi – Transparent Things
(8) Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position
(9) Félix – La vida secreta
(10) Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

So these were the albums released in 2007 that I listened to most. Some albums I didn’t listen to enough but still found cool: Austin tv‘s Fontana Bella, Beirut‘s The Flying Club Cap, Belanova‘s Fantasía Pop, Leo Quinteros‘s Accidentes del futuro, M.I.A.‘s Kala.

Previously on Wassup Rockers…

TO COME: 1 More List!

Favorite Songs of 2007; Notable Shows.

I was looking for some inspiration for my “best of 2007” lists so when I stumbled onto Largehearted Boy’s collection of best of lists, I tried to look at every one of them. It was such a bad idea, I worked backwards from Z and only got to S. It’s not that I don’t think these lists are valid. I like that the collected list of lists mixes up reg’lar folks’ lists along with more notable people’s lists, like Nic Harcourt’s, but damn! Why they all gotta say the same 20 or so albums! TO COME: My fave albums of 2007.

Anyway, here are my favorite songs this year:

Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2007*

(1) “Gotta Work” by Amerie
(2) “Eres para mi” by Julieta Venegas featuring Anita Tijoux
(3) “Paperbag” by Mutya Buena
(4) “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ
(5) “Para no vivir desesperado” by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
(6) “Pal norte” by Calle 13 featuring Orishas
(7) “Umbrella” by Rihanna
(8) “It’s the Beat” by Simian Mobile Disco
(9) “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice
(10) “About You Now” by Sugababes

* I totally didn’t put M.I.A. on this list… I can’t decide whether I like “Boyz” or “Jimmy” better. Also, “Paperbag” is not a single but that song is SO GOOD!

ALSO: Some shows I enjoyed this year include Café Tacuba (the second time around with Austin tv opening), Patrick Wolf at Studio B, and Cool Calm Pete at Northsix’s at the Def Jux showcase during CMJ.