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Lost in Translation.

The Oscar nominations were announced. You can see the entire list ici.

Way back when every country was submitting their official entries for Best Foreign Language, there was a huge hullabaloo when Chile decided that they’d be submitting Dawson, isla 10 (Dawson, Island 10) rather than La nana (The Maid). La nana is a small movie, but got distribution, was well received (Golden Globe nomination!), and surprisingly, it had a fairly good run in NYC. In the US, I haven’t heard anything about Dawson, and I don’t think it’s had a run in the city. A lot of people, myself included, thought the Chilean committee made a bad strategic move.

And so, today, we see not one but two Latin American countries get nominations. This is a huge deal because historically (and understandably) the nominations for this category have been Eurocentric. Well, both of the nominees are neighbors to Chile: Argentina and Perú. So imagine how utterly disappointed I am that Chile had a good chance, and basically they blew it. Obviously this isn’t a dis to the Argentinean and Peruvian movies nominated, El secreto de sus ojos and La teta asustada. I’m really excited for them!

I’m not even dissing the Chilean committee for their submission, either. You want your best chances, and I guess for some reason they thought Dawson, isla 10 was that chance.

No, I’m mad about the submissions policy. This is just further proof of how weird and fucked up the rules are. I mean what the fuck is this “1 country 1 rule” business! AUGHHH!

On a side note for more outrage: Lee Daniels, nominated for Precious, is only the second black nominee for Best Director, and Kathryn Bigelow, nominated for The Hurt Locker, is only the fourth female nominee for Best Director. (See here.) And this is in the 80+ year history of the Oscars! Cripes.


Post-Oscar BS

I know There Will Be Blood didn’t win Best Picture, but I still went out for a milkshake today. Chocolate. Very filling. My straw wasn’t very long.

I thought Jon Stewart was hit or miss, but I thought it was very gracious of him to bring back Marketa Irglova onto the stage after she was cut off without being able to say thanks. And how great was she? That speech was fantastic.

When I spoke to my boss about the awards show today, he complained about people’s speeches cut off. Seriously. It’s annoying, it’s rude, it’s one of the few chances they get to say “thank you” and the producers are so adamant about keeping the speeches short. And for what? To fill the program with montages! WTF. Even if it’s for a minor award, I’d much rather see a person who is genuinely grateful and excited to have their name called than to see another fucking montage.

Speaking of montages, in the one about bees, they totally missed My Girl.

But the worst travesty was that they forgot Brad Renfro on the montage. Or maybe they left him out on purpose? Either way, I was really sad about it.

Oh shit, and I was so surprised to see Jamia Simone Nash!! I was so fucking excited, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen that video of her singing “Who’s Lovin’ You” (it helps that it’s one of my favorite songs ever). She did great too. After debuting at the Apollo Amateur Night, the Oscar crowd ain’t that big a deal. :)

Pre-Oscar BS

Today are the Oscars, I’m already Oscar’d out. Do you think Jon Stewart will bomb? I thought Ellen DeGeneres last year was just okay. Everyone’s making predictions and I’m kinda sad because I want There Will Be Blood to Win, and it probably won’t. I’m really interested in the less key but still interesting races, like the Screenplay awards and the Foreign and Animated ones, too. Oh, and are you rooting for Once to get the song award? It’ll be great to see Frames dude and his lady friend take the stage!

One last thing: I detested the score for Atonement. One of my least favorite things about the movie. I was kind of offended by it, actually. “Ooh, look how clever I am! I incorporated typewriter sounds! Get it?!?! Cos Briony’s a WRITER!” Well gee golly! Thanks for being subtle. I get the feeling it’s gonna win though, that’s the thing about that stupid typewriter sound–at least it’s memorable. Also, Jonny Greenwood got disqualified out of the category. I’m not a Radiohead fan, but damn, that score was awesome.

If There Will Be Blood wins Best Picture I shall go out for a milkshake tomorrow!

A Modest Proposal.

Dear Mr. Day-Lewis,

As a commenter in this AV Club feature points out, you seem to have a thing for period pieces, particularly ones that seem profoundly American.

“Is Daniel Day Lewis systematically retelling the entirety of U.S. history?” the commenter asks. “His work in The Crucible, Last of the Mohicans, Gangs Of New York, and The Age Of Innocence paints a fascinating, incomplete portrait of a land throughout history.”

Since you do what you do so well, and there’s still a lot of eras in American history to cover, I’m sure a lot of people want to know what your next project will be.

The funny thing is, after reading that AV Club feature, I stumbled upon a review for this book called Charlatan, which is about this famous quack doctor, John Brinkley. (The book, written by Pope Brock, comes out on Tuesday; the NYT called the work “heavenly.”) The first time I encountered Brinkley’s story, it was in the (excellent) Carter Family bio Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? I was totally fascinated by him and was so disappointed that there was only a chapter on Brinkley’s shenanigans.

So when I was on the Newsweek website and saw this review I got super-excited. The opening line to the review, though, got me even more excited. David Gates asks,”If Hollywood hasn’t already optioned Pope Brock‘s ‘Charlatan,’ an account of the rise and fall of the all-American quack ‘Dr.’ John R. Brinkley, what’s keeping it?”

I think I found you your new project. No need for monetary compensation, a simple “thank you” will do.

Stay fresh,
Elizabeth U.

For Your Consideration.

I was thinking back on this year and I started getting really mad when I realized Diablo Cody might end up winning a lot of awards. It’s not that I don’t applaud her efforts, I think she did a good job at Juno, but it wasn’t the best-written movie I watched this year. I think the best-written movie I watched in 2007 was Hot Fuzz. But everyone’s forgotten about the movie cos it came out so early in the year and it probably didn’t make much money because it’s like, British and shit. You’d think a movie that features older people so prominently, and in such as badass way, would strike a chord with older committee voters. I mean most people who vote for these awards tend to be older, right? Well, whatever. I just feel that not only was Hot Fuzz incredibly funny, the delivery of the lines was fantastic AND the execution of the movie as a whole was incredibly tight. I was so impressed. Unlike most movies that claim this, hilarity DOES ensue in Hot Fuzz. It’s a pity it won’t get no props.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to rag on Diablo Cody alone. If anything, it just says that I seriously see her as a strong contender during the awards season. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m getting into such a tizzy about all of this.

Oscar Review

See? Even people who don’t watch a lot of movies can guess the winners, for the most part. But srsly, Scorcese?? Anyone smell a pity vote? Also, I’m not surprised about The Lives of Others, I hear it’s a fantastic movie.

(+) Best Picture – The Departed
(-) Best Director – Clint Eastwood -> Scorcese won
(+) Best Actor – Forest Whitaker
(+) Best Actress – Helen Mirren
(+) Best Supporting Actor – Alan Arkin
(+) Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Hudson
(-) Best Foreign Language Film – Pan’s Labyrinth -> The Lives of Others
(+) Best Original Screenplay – Little Miss Sunshine
(+) Best Adapted Screenplay – Little Children -> The Departed won

A few notes about the show:

a/ That nominees bit in the beginning surprised me because it showed me how male-dominated the movie industry STILL is.
b/ Just when you think Jack muthatouchin’ Nicholson can’t get creepier, he shaves his fucking head. I just don’t know what to say.
c/ Tonight’s eye candy: Helen Mirren (of course), Ryan Gosling, Kate Winslet, an unexpected Rashida Jones, Penélope Cruz, Hugh Jackman, and Catherine Deneuve!! Holy moly. Lookin’ rough: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Gael García Bernal (gotta fix that hair, sry2say), Kirsten Dunst’s dress was so unflattering.
d/ Um, what was with all that subdued emotion shit? Everyone had their papers ready or they was sorta expecting the award. The only person who seemed truly fucking happy and surprised was the director for The Lives of Others. Seriously, what the fuck.
e/ Will Smith’s kid has the biggest head this side of Dakota Fanning, that’s all I’m saying.
f/ Least favorite film montage: That “God Bless America” bullshit. It’s one of the most diverse Oscars ever and you pull that bullshit? How do you think it makes all the foreign film makers feel when you’re busy glorifying America?
g/ Nice to see the lesbian ladies representin’! Bee tee dubs, I think Ellen was just okay tonight.

ONTD‘s coverage of the Oscars

Wild Guess

So the Oscars are tonight. Am I excited? Not really. I haven’t watched most of the movies nominated though I’ve been jonesing to see Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth. I knew that Shortbus wasn’t gonna get nominated for anything but I’m pretty pissed that Volver wasn’t nominated for Best Foreign Film. Seriously, I am holding a grudge and it would have been a bigger grudge if it hadn’t been for the fact that Ryan Gosling totally got nominated for Half Nelson. Best person to have come out of the New Mickey Mouse Club.

Don’t argue with me that the best person out of MMC is Justin Timberlake because I don’t like the way he handled the “wardrobe malfunction” situation, and I’m not gonna go with Christina Aguilera either, just because her Dirrty-era antics were trashy and ridiculous. Plus, that whole Spanish album thing was so ridiculous to me.

Of course, we won’t even discuss Britney Spears. The woman needs a long rest, c’est tout.

Wow, totally getting sidetracked. Okay, so here are my annotated guesses for the wins in the major categories, and it’s not who I think should win:

Best Picture – The Departed
A lot of people hate Babel, they think it’s Crash 2: Out of LA and Around the World and god knows a shitload of people were upset about Crash winning, so I’m sure these Babel-haters are doing whatever they can to campaign against the movie. I think a lot of people would split over the other three movies. I choose The Departed because I don’t think people are willing to give Scorcese a best director Oscar so they’ll try to make up for it by giving him best film.

Best Director – Clint Eastwood
People really love the dude. I don’t think it’ll go to Scorcese because I think people don’t want to “settle” for The Departed, I mean, they lost their chance for Raging Bull and whatever.

Best Actor – Forest Whitaker
It might go to Peter O’Toole, though! People really love this dude too!

Best Actress – Helen Mirren
Why is this woman so damn foxy?

Best Supporting Actor – Alan Arkin
Eddie Murphy screwed himself with that Norbit bullshit. If the ballots had been due earlier (before the movie’s release) I wouldn’t doubt his win, but I’ll give it to Arkin cos he totally co-wrote “The Banana Boat Song”.

Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Hudson
I think it’s to make up for the lack of big noms for Dreamgirls, though for some reason I get the vibe that she might be “punished” that way I think Murphy will, but for different reasons that I can’t verbalize.

Best Foreign Language Film – Pan’s Labyrinth
Okay, yeah, this is a movie I wish would win. But I also sort of want Water to win cos god damn! They got death threats for making that movie. :/

Best Original Screenplay – Little Miss Sunshine
I think people will give this award to the movie to make up for not giving the Best Picture award.

Best Adapted Screenplay – Little Children
Tom Perrotta’s cool! Not all novelists can adapt their works into film well and I hear he did a particularly good job.

As I said, I admit I haven’t watched many of these movies, but seriously, Hollywood is 1 part politics and 1 part business and 1 part art, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the Academy don’t even watch the movies and pick for their friends. It’s like, it doesn’t matter how unexpected the winner may be, at the parties, everyone greets the winner with “I knew you were gonna win!”

Ugh, the Oscars are such bullshit, I swear. I hope Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t suck, I like her a lot.