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Favorite Songs of 2009.

Or, the year I spent too much time watching MTV Tres.  Way to kiss off the decade, right?  Heh…

1) Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

2) Phoenix – 1901

3) Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

4) Annie – Songs Remind Me of You

5) Bomba Estéreo – Fuego

Their recorded stuff doesn’t compare to the live shit, so initially I was disappointed by Blow Up.  But after a few spins I couldn’t stop listening… They did a MBE set just a while back, you can listen/watch here. I didn’t know how they would handle the interview portion because it’s very clear that they don’t know English well, but Simón handled it deftly.

6) Sean Kingston – Fire Burning

7) Bat For Lashes – Daniel

8) Alexis & Fido – Ojos que no ven

9) Daddy Yankee ft. Jowell & Randy – ¿Qué tengo que hacer? (Remix)

Which I’ve already mentioned like a million times, IDGAF!

10) Aventura – Su veneno

11) Gepe – Las piedras

Unfortunately, I find this Gepe video incredibly goofy. The song is really good though. His label, Quemasucabeza, has the Las piedras EP for free here, if you wanna hear a more polished version.

Some others, in no order:

Plastilina MoshPervert Pop Song
Gustavo CeratiDéjà vu
The GossipHeavy Cross
ShakiraLo hecho está hecho
Los Amigos InvisiblesMentiras


Calle 13, Bomba Estéreo + Eric Bobo @ Central Park SummerStage.

Yesterday I went to SummerStage to see Calle 13. It wasn’t as crazy as I expected in terms of the crowd. Maybe it’s because they played for free just a few years ago, but I feel like it took a while for the place to be packed with people. When I got there the doors weren’t even open, and I didn’t want to bum around for two hours in the sun, so I actually left the park and cooled off in a bookstore for a while.

When I returned, although the venue wasn’t packed, it was crowded enough that I didn’t want to push my way to the front. I decided to watch just a couple of yards away from the bleacher seats, right behind a barricade. This means I really couldn’t see anyone on stage, really.

The first act was Eric Bobo, son of Willie Bobo. He played percussion along with a DJ. It was okay. The DJ played pretty much all the famous old school breakbeats ever, except no one declared that there was no problem they couldn’t fix since they could do it in the mix. Eric Bobo performed well, but I thought the set was better suited for a club.

Bomba Estéreo fared better than Bobo, for a number of reasons. This is a band, so that there was more happening on stage. The music itself was better, too, more hooky, with more momentum, plus the arrangements were a lot more dynamic. Eric Bobo was limited to his percussion, and although he pulled out all his tricks, at the end of the day, I feel that it didn’t compare.

Bomba Estéreo played a similar set to the one at the Bowery, full of energy and great stage presence. They also go to try some more songs, since the Bowery set was pretty short. I wasn’t sure how well they’d sound in an outside, daytime show, but they were excellent again. I didn’t know how well the rest of the audience would respond, since I myself had no clue who they were just five days ago and I imagined most of the crowd was the same. But people really took to them. The band got the crowd’s attention and the crowd obliged them with plenty of attention, and I found that really impressive. Hope they make it big, whatever “big” means nowadays.

When Calle 13 took the stage, the audience was plenty hyped up. It was pretty overwhelming. I just don’t have enough people to talk to about this kind of music. Not in real life, anyway. It gets lonely. So it was incredible to see thousands of people roaring approvingly at the band. I was feeling the triskaidekaphilia, y’all, haha.

That’s what was really great, too, there was a huge band. Rhythm section, horns, the works. It made me realize how well the music lends itself to a live setting. The sounds just took over and my body could only respond by dancing. It was amazing.

Residente was pretty awesome, really funny and really appreciative of the audience, though with mad attitude, too. That’s one thing I gotta give him, I think his rhymes are kinda lame sometimes, but he’s a great performer. I couldn’t really see Visitante though at one point I saw him playing the accordion and I was just filled with glee. I’m sure René contributes, but I still consider the music to be Eduardo’s domain, and I’m constantly amazed by some of the sounds with which he comes up. (Sorry for switching in their real names; for some reason I don’t think of them by their stage names!)

Not gonna lie, one of the biggest thrills for me was hearing their little sister Ileana singing live, even if she looked like a pulguita from where I was standing. I just think she’s incredibly talented. Are you pumped for her solo stuff? Cos I am. I mean, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that “Hormiga Brava” is my favorite Calle 13 song, but I didn’t expect them to play it because it was never a single or anything. They went through all their hits and I loved every moment. But then they DID play “Hormiga Brava” and I almost fainted from how beautiful it was. I felt like they were playing it just for me, you know? Sigh.

They finished the set with “Atrévete-te-te” and everyone went batshit crazy and the band left so everyone was clamoring “¡Otra! ¡Otra!” and obviously we were all being silly because the concert was planned so that there would be enough time for an encore but we all got into shouting for them to come back anyway and when they did we was all cheering so loud and then, and then, and then! I could kinda see them all lining up in a row together, and “Thriller” started playing and they started doing the zombie dance and everyone was like, “AHHH!!!!!” cos it was awesomesauce. They did play an encore (“Electro movimiento,” yeah!) but that MJ mini-tribute pretty much took the cake.

I think I can die a little bit happier now.

I’m Not Ready to Give Up.

Um, it’s Independence Day and I’m home. My parents are already asleep. They both worked today. I have my window open and I can hear people in a nearby house partying. I’m six floors up, but it’s impressive how well I can hear them. If I looked out I could probably see them, even. Well, in recent days I’ve been bumming around reading blogs and there’s been a lot of (fabricated) buzz about how reggaetón is dead. I don’t know about that. The people partying were just blasting “Lo que pasó pasó,” and I found myself singing along to it–and hilariously enough, I could hear people trying to shout along to Daddy Yankee. I could even hear them tripping along to the lyrics, since Daddy Yankee has that rat-tat-tat delivery style. Sure, it’s an older song, but the enthusiasm for the track is still there.

Ooh, they’re listening to a remix of “Qué tengo que hacer” now.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be so worried about reggaetón being dead. I don’t get where this is coming from, or why we’re worrying so much about it agora. It’s true that the sound of reggaetón has changed, it’s even more club ready, yeah? More synth-happy, less reliant on the dembow beat, and so on. But it’s like, don’t you want your favorite genres to grow and develop? I sure as hell don’t want my favorite musicians to get lazy and for their music to become stagnant. Like, I can’t wait to see 10 years from now how much the genre has changed. This is a great time for reggaetón: the novelty is over for the masses, but that is just invitation for innovation, don’t you think?

I think the weird thing, too, is that calling a music genre “dead” just invites nostalgia. See, the problem with nostalgia is that a set of people will grab onto this genre and proclaim that it can only sound “pure” if musicians stick to a set of rules. If people make reggaetón-by-the-numbers (FruityLoops, anyone?), it barely leaves room for creativity. And maybe less brave musicians will settle for this, probably at the suggestion of their label peeps or whatever, but you know that only the ones who expand on the sound will really shine.

Anyway, I guess this is my quite unfortunate semi-response to the following folks: W&W, Unfashionably Late, Marisol LeBrón, Raquel Rivera, and Racialicious. Clearly these posts dwell on all sorts of aspects in regard to the demise of reggaetón, and I haven’t really responded adequately to any of them in any sort of timely manner (then again, no one asked me to). But I do recommend that y’all read these posts if you haven’t already. Really thought-provoking, and I feel like they bring up questions relevant to all genres of popular music, not just reggaetón.

Aw, the music is being drowned out by all the (illegal) firecrackers. Okay, off to my continued non-celebration of my nation. Hope y’all have a good weekend.

Let’s Leave the Past Behind.

Since we got cable in our TV my dad has flip-flopped several times on which programming package we want, though I think we’ve finally settled on a Spanish-language + fútbol dealio. This means that I got MTV, MTV2 AND VH1 taken away, but now I have MTVTres and mun2, which are pretty much identical in their content. I’m pretty ecstatic about it. I didn’t realize how much English-language material was included in these channels, but I like that I can get both the “best” of US American pop while getting the “best” of Spanish-language pop.

Anyway, back in those final days of having MTV (so long ago!) the video I used to wait for was Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” but these days I wait around a lot more for Daddy Yankee’s “¿Qué tengo que hacer?” The remix for the song with Jowell & Randy has been making the rounds, and the results are pretty spectacular.

I have a love/hate thing for Daddy Yankee, but right now it’s more on the love side of the spectrum. I like that his best wasn’t “Gasolina,” and that he’s kept things interesting.

Daddy Yankee’s not the only one to keep releasing quality shit. Don Omar has been a lot more ambitious in his latest incarnation as some sort of futuristic electro-freak, which kinda makes me wanna LOL but mostly makes me want to track him down so I can shake hands with him for having the balls to change his image so drastically. But the more things change, the more they remain the same! What he’s doing now really suits his over-the-top, melodramatic persona. His current single is called “Virtual Diva,” and has an awesome hook. “¡Chequea como se menea!” he exclaims in his usual booming voice. I’d definitely put it in the running for Song of the Summer. You can catch the ridiculous video ici.

My favorite part is at the end, when he leaves some final remarks:

¡Sencillo! Estamos trabajando encima de sus expectativas… de eso se trata. Algunos años luz antes que ustedes. Siempre voy a vivir ahí–no miren pa’ mi galaxia.

Loose translation: “It’s simple! We’re working beyond your expectations… that’s what it’s all about. Some light years ahead of you. I’ll always live there–don’t check out my galaxy.” Haha. Oh my god, Don Omar is da bomb.

Don’t Shush Me.

Déjenme ver:

First, if you’re in NYC this month, check out I Kiffe NY, a cultural festival organized by the French Institute Alliance Française which will take place starting tomorrow, October 6 until October 28. Basically, it focuses on urban culture in France, so they’re highlighting awesome shit like music, film, visual art, and dance performances, along with the requisite scholarly panels for those of you (like me!) who like that shit. A lot of the panels are free! Just make sure to check if they’re in French or English. The dance performances seem really fun, but they’re a bit more expensive, $25. It’s not Broadway prices, but still… you could buy a lot of falafels with $25. They’re organizing a CMJ showcase, too!

Second, I was just on Racialicious and found this post from a week or two ago on an ad that Daddy Yankee did to encourage voting… o algo así. The problem is that the slogan is, to say the least, confusing. “Vota o quédate callado.” I mean, that doesn’t sound like my vote is important or necessary or crucial in influencing anything. Well, the Racialicious folk and Raquel Rivera sum up the ridiculousness of this slogan way better than I could, definitely check out what they have to say.

So let’s talk about the song this guy SieteNueve giving Daddy Yankee shit for his politics. The Racialicious contributor says SieteNueve is a reggaetonero, but from the sound of the song… sooooo not. Which, to me, makes the message of this video even louder. No es solo una batalla entre demócrata contra republicano o lo que sea, también es como una batalla entre rap y reggaetón. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it? Either way, I’m digging the song a lot!

The reason I’m mentioning this even though it was posted a while back is that I haven’t heard much hollering about it. And, well, I love me some drama so I thought I would add fuel to the fire. Besides, I don’t think it’s a song that should be… er, shushed and forgotten.

Another thing: it may be because I’m listening to lightweight shit like “Especially For You” all the time (shut up shut up it’s an awesome song), but this dis track is like, the meanest shit I’ve heard in a while. It might be even meaner than Chandra’s “Kate.”

Haha, no no no. Chandra’s “Kate” takes the cake on mean.

Strike a Pose.

Oh word?  I was chillin’ at Racialicious and the video above was posted on there.  I just don’t expect this sort of stuff posted on Racialicious.  Usually I go to the site when I wanna feel enraged about all the injustices of the world.  (LOL, just playin’. )

The video’s so-so, which is lamentable porque ni es la primera versión del video.  If you’re gonna redo a video, it’s gotta be sooooo much more fly than it used to be.  (Oof, if only Robyn would read that previous sentence and take it to heart.)  Yo digo demasiado Daddy Yankee, not enough Jabbawockeez!  Haha.  I’m really glad that, at least, the group is getting a lot of work.

Al menos la canción está buena.  That’s the reason I’m reposting the video, even though I’m sure everyone has heard the track already.  I first heard it on this post on W&W.  It’s a really interesting post, worth checking out.

But back to the Racialicious post.  What a tease!  The post said they’d be doing another post in the future about hip-hop and reggaetón.  Can’t wait to hear what they have to say, mostly because the critiques I tend to hear or read about reggaetón are usually by music writers.  It should be cool to hear the Racialicious crew–which is mostly female!–speak up on this genre of music.  Even if their post sucks, I hope there will be a lot of juicy comments that will make me think.

Damn, I can’t believe this song was released last year, I wish I could put it in my 2008 singles list.


Shit, I am such a sucker. I just downloaded the new Radiohead. I just couldn’t handle everyone going crazy over it, I got curious so there you go. I downloaded the album. I didn’t pay anything, but I did give up my personal information to the official site. We’ll see if they use my name and address for malicious reasons. You never know with Radiohead, what with Thom Yorke’s “malocchio” and all.

Okay, obviously I’m just being melodramatic. Well, I’m listening to the album and I’m happy to verify that I will never be a Radiohead fan. I do like some of their songs, and I did think some of the Thom Yorke solo was cool, but they’re just NEVER gonna be THAT BAND that ROCKS MY MO’FUCKIN’ WORLD. So I guess it’s good that I paid $0 for the album. I hear they’re cooler live, but obviously I’ll never get a chance to see them live, nor do I think it would be fair of me to snatch up a ticket that could go to a real hardcore fan. Oh, well.

I got a copy of the new Buck 65, Situation. It’s disappointing. I mean I didn’t finish listening to it, but it’s like, I’ve gotten past 10 tracks out of 17 and none of them really grabbed me immediately. I would still sleep with him if I had the chance, but the most recent stuff isn’t that memorable, sry2say. I do feel like some of the tracks will grow on me, but I dunno. If you’re already a fan you might dig it, but if you’ve never listened to him, this is NOT the right introductory album. The US-released This Right Here… isn’t a good introduction either, though I think it’s meant to be. Just go listen to Talkin’ Honky Blues, just cos it’s some weird shit, even now I get the heebie-jeebies when I hear the “Riverbed” bits.

Okay, enough ranting. My friend at Sup magazine is hosting a CMJ partay, sounds really fun. Y’all should go to it and get (responsibly) drunk. BTW, that link to the Disconap blog? Holy shit, I had no idea that Kylie Minogue had a new song out. I gotta tell you, it’s no “Step Back in Time,” but whatevs, I love her to pieces. SHE’S A SURVIVOR Y’ALL.

Oh, and here’s the vid to Calle 13’s “Pal norte” which features Orishas.

Can I just say, PG-13 (the singer girl in Calle 13) is incredibly talented. I love her! She’s so young, I can totally see her going off and doing her own solo shit. In the video below she is singing in my most favorite Calle 13 song ever, “Hormiga Brava.” Though I think it’s too bad that the vocals are so high cos you can’t hear all the intricacies of the song arrangement.

Café Tacuba, Pacha Massive + La Sista @ Central Park Summerstage.

I got to the show exactly at 3 pm and it already started. Damn, these shows in public parks are so punctual. The line wasn’t very long either, so I got in pretty quickly.

La Sista was so-so. She had a big stage presence, but it was the same kind of hip-hop shout-out crap, y’know, “Where my ladies at?! How many boricuas we got out here today?!?! I can’t hear you!! Blah blah blah.” She was so busy in between songs it felt like she only had like four songs. She kept asking where people were from, and she had a few people jump up and dance. The reggaetón was okay. But! She did bring out these women dancing to bomba! That was really fun to watch. I love the dresses they wear, except I felt bad for them since it was so hot!

Pacha Massive were also so-so. Mostly it’s because I don’t care for their jam band world music sound. Boooooring. This is not the type of music to hear when it’s really hot and there’s a lot of people and you’re getting antsy waiting to see ~*THE MOST IMPORTANT BAND FROM MEXICO*~. I was surprised because the Pacha Massive folk mostly spoke in English. But the thing that really drove me mad? I can’t figure out how to pronounce “Pacha.” I say it the way it’s written, emphasis on the first syllable. But other people kept saying “Pachá,” emphasis on the second syllable. I feel like I’m right, but still…

So! Café Tacuba! itfapoq8409qmdlsknss4a9047qks!!!11!!!uno!! I’d never seen them before so I was totally ecstatic! I feel like I can die a little bit more in peace now. Haha.

The biggest pity was how rough the crowd was. I mean, Latino men tend to get stereotyped for being all macho and all sorts of heterosexist but you should have seen the huge mosh pit. All those sweaty dudes slamming, many of them shirtless and some of them in lucha libre masks (¡uy! ¡qué kinky!)… can you say homoerotic? But not in a cool way. Like there were so many people trying to get out of the way and not get hurt, but their stomping around got the dust on everyone. I kept coughing and when I blew my nose, my snot was brown. Yuck, I know.

But wait, I haven’t spoken about the music! Oh man! It was so effortless coming from them. It was so beautiful. And they seemed so happy to be there! Rubén is so funny, he came out wearing a white suit (muy David Byrne) and this white hat that totally covered his eyes. Except there were these slits on the hat so in reality he was able to see just fine and grin and jump around and be awesome. Aw, he’s so adorable, I loved his braids. OMG and Joselo totally cut his hair! He looks like a dad!

Well, the running joke through the concert was that Rubén kept saying that they’re all viejitos now. It bummed me out a little bit cos I was like, “So what, are you going to retire now?” But when they did their little boy band dance for “Déjate caer” I was like, “Viejitos my ass, you’re at your peaks!!!” Oh man, and I love love loved “Las flores”! They played that new song they’ve been trying out live, which was really pretty and makes me very excited about the next record! The crowd got really crazy during “La ingrata” so I couldn’t really dance to it, though, so that makes me really sad.

I was also kinda sad because I could hardly see Meme, who’s my favorite. I know that sounds silly because he’s like the tallest one, but I just couldn’t see the keyboards and stuff because of where I was standing. But then!! For the “encore,” Rubén was nowhere to be found, and instead, Meme came to the mic! And sang “Eres”! So I think that was my favorite performance of the day. It wasn’t the song; I do love “Eres” but the performance wasn’t that cathartic, it was just fantastic to see Meme. He’s adorable.

Haha, okay, this post is getting a bit too fan girl-y now. To conclude: not the best lineup out there, and the crowd was insufferable, but Café Tacuba were totally totally worth it. Great stage presence, gracious, and the music was fantastic.

Me Verás Caer.

I read some terrible news over at the Onion AV Club: Punk Planet is dead.  Isn’t that so sad?  I understand that there’s a lot of folks who don’t even buy magazines any more and all they do is go on Hype Machine, which is okay, I guess, but it’s sad because Punk Planet stayed independent for so so long.  Their view of punk, too, is incredibly broad, which I really appreciate.  Then again, this is also extra incentive for me to go out and buy We Owe You Nothing.  I recommend you do the same, the people included are super interesting.  Also, I think they are still going to keep their book imprint so maybe you can buy some of their novels and the like.  Es una verdadera pena.

In other news, I’m terribly conflicted.  I just found out that Calle 13 are playing the same night as Zoé + The Pinker Tones + Chetes.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to the Zoé since it’s free but it still kinda pains me to think about, and I sort of really do want to see Residente + Visitante + PG-13.  Damn.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you wish your life was as difficult as mine.  Haha.

Also, I was a li’l miffed in my previous post about this Soda Stereo reunion shit, but honestly I think if they came to the US I’d go.  I’m just, y’know, perfectly aware that they’re viejitos and that they hate each other and that they’re probably just doing it to feed their families.  Hard to believe they did get back together.  They must be getting so much dinero!

Soda Stereo – Danza rota

Soda Stereo – Ella usó mi cabeza como un revólver

¿Qué Más Quieres, Quieres Más?

This has to be the nicest, most interesting post I’ve read in a while. It’s got some weird shit (the Hector “El Father” item), some ridiculously cool shit (like that awesome Senator Obama reggaetón song), and also some bullshit (SODA STEREO REUNITING?!?!). OMG I can’t believe it’s true!

But bullshit aside the folks at La Onda Tropical make a good point: the new Manú Chao ain’t all that. You really have to wonder about Manú Chao’s work. Clandestino is amazing, and it still holds up. I also think that Mano Negra were really cool. But the post-Clandestino material has been kinda same ol’, lame ol’.

And, hey, check out the new M.I.A. vid for her first single, “Boyz”:

Hm, I love talking shit about her, but honestly I do like her music. I think I’ll forgive her for unleashing “Bird Flu” on us. That song was wack. The only problem with the “Boyz” vid is all the graphics, I can understand it’s part of her whole image but they’re way too distracting. It would have been pretty cool just watching everyone dance! Actually, here’s the “Making Of” vid, it’s easier to tolerate:

Please Hold.

Hey bitches,

Been a bit busy. See there’s this thing called “school” and I for some goddamn mysterious stupid ass reason give a damn about my grades. Can you believe it? I’m way too old to still care so much about getting As. Or in my case, hoping for Bs, haha.

Here’s a few songs. One by my favorite Afro-Filipino soul singer, Joe Bataan; another recent one from the Calle 13; and probably my most played song this week, “Tren al Sur” by one of my favorite new wave bands ever, Los Prisioneros.

Joe Bataan – Young, Gifted and Brown
Calle 13 – Un beso de desayuno
Los Prisioneros – Tren al Sur

Be back soonish,

PS: Apparently Joe Bataan is the dad of the girl who won a spot as a Pussycat Doll recently. Not sure if this is true but damn.


YES! I RULE THE WORLD. I finally got my hands on the latest Volován album, Monitor. In truth, this album was released a few months ago, but there hasn’t been much buzz over it, especially not in the US. Back when The Strokes were supposed to be cool (lol, remember??), Volován were dubbed “the Mexican Strokes.” They even had US distribution and shit!! Their self-title first album was a solid pop album and I’m still baffled that they never became famous, not even south of the border. Even worse, I think on In-D* they said that the band’s label folded or dicked them over o algo así, no estoy segura. Maybe you can look it up on the In-D YouTube archives. But basically, the band never got a fair chance to take over the world!

Speaking of bands that were dubbed as “the next Strokes,” Los Bunkers (they were “the Chilean Strokes”) are releasing a live DVD in the US. It comes out tomorrow! God bless, Nacional Records. Plus, it’s gonna include their videos, so I’m definitely thinking of buying it. I’m sick of watching the muthafuckin’ “Miño” video on YouTube!

Another exciting release tomorrow is the new Calle 13. HOLY SHIT! I have been waiting for this piece of crap for months now. It’s pretty much the only album I’ve been waiting for and it’s finally coming out! I can’t wait to hear the track with Tego Calderón. Even better, I love the arrangements that Visitante creates. I love Residente but we all know the real magician in the group is Visitante. Jon Pareles has already given his blessing to the new album… I can’t decide whether this is good or not. Can you imagine el viejo listening to this album? And seriously, did he get a translator to explain all the dirty lyrics? LOLLERSK8S!!!!!

So here are some tracks you can listen to while you recover from my abuse of exclamation marks:

Volován – Monitor
Volován – Flor primaveral (from their first album)
Los Bunkers – Ven aquí (from their most recent, Vida de Perros)
Calle 13 – Tango del pecado

*In-D’s not that great of a show but I still like watching it. It helps me keep up with Mexican stuff. Plus, la VJ Reclu is mad cute.

I’ll Fight You Just to Get Peace.

I know you’re not gonna believe me but I’ll tell you anyway: I saw a train car with graffiti on it. I don’t mean scratches or acid tags. I mean it was spraypaint on the mo’fuckin’ train. I just stared at the train and was like, “WHA??” It was an E, I think. I don’t remember what the tag was, and it wasn’t even all that, but I remember it was outlined blue and filled in with yellow. They were bubbly letters. So that was a pleasant surprise, it really was.

Today I had to do a presentation in class and I felt totally ridiculous about having chosen the topic I chose. My paper’s on reggaetón and funk carioca, y’see. I managed to stammer like a moron through the entire presentation, but I think I must have said something half-smart because I saw people nodding approvingly at things I was saying. I think my prof actually danced in his seat when I played some Deize Tigrona. I sort of talked shit about M.I.A., too, so that was exciting.

I think my favorite part of my presentation was talking about why I love Ivy Queen. Basically, I love that she looks like a drag queen. I know this may be off-putting for some of you but lemme explain. I love that she doesn’t try to act masculine, that she doesn’t necessarily try to be one of the guys. If anything, she looks like a male-to-female transgender individual. The fact that she’s weirdly androgynous yet accepted in the reggaetón community fascinates me and really warms my heart. Of course my only problem is that I wish she wasn’t an exception to the boys club that is the reggaetón scene, I wish there were way more women making noise.

I forgot to talk about so much stuff, though. I was so nervous I just wanted to talk really fast and get it over with.

Here are the tracks I played in class:

Ivy Queen – “Yo quiero bailar
Deize Tigrona – “Injeção

Unlikely But True.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog yet, but I am obsessed with the New York Public Library. I love that shit.

Well for some reason I wanted to hear some Tego Calderón so I tried to download El Subestimado but people kept banning me cos I refuse to share (haha, I’m such an ass). But then it occurred to me maybe I should go to the library and they totally had the album! It’s a mad nice copy, too!

And y’all know what I’m gonna do?? SHARE!

Well, just a couple of tracks…  And neither of them sound like reggaetón, hahaha.  I chose “Chillin'” cos I love Don Omar.  Well…  truth is, I don’t make an effort to seek out his music, but I love his voice.  Everything he utters sounds so fucking histrionic and I think that’s really representative of reggaetón–shit that’s overly dramatic.  I also chose “A mi papá” cos the song is pretty, maintenant it’s my favorite Tego song maybe.

Tego Calderón (con Don Omar) – “Chillin’

Tego Calderón – “A mi papá